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Laetitia Vancon shortlistet twice

Laetitiia Vancon, international student at Photo2, has been shortlistet for two different exhibitions.


Self portrait by Laetitia Vancon.


Firstly, she's shortlistet for the World Photography's Instagram competition. The World Photography organisation has selected 50 photographers from all over the world to show their approach to self-portraits. The 50 shortlistet instagrams will be showcased from the 1st till the 18th of May at the 2014 World Photography Awards Exhibition at the Somerset House in London. The winning photograph will be selected by exhibition visitors.


Secondly, Laetitia is shortlisted for the Royal Photographic Society's International exhibtion. The Society received over 6,500 entries this year, from over 1,700 entrants in 72 countries. They selected 290 images for the final selection of 100 prints to be exhibited in May.


Laetitiia Vancon's pictures are made during her visual project this spring. She's currently working on her diploma project about a family suffering from blood fights in Albania.

Nora Klein exhibits in Cologne

Nora Klein exhibits her final diploma project from the spring 2013 - Where Are All The Colours Gone - in Cologne from the 23rd of April till the 17th of Mai.


You can read about the exhibition here.


Portrait from the project Where Are All The Colours Gone by Nora Klein.

Lasse Mejlvang's BA-project in Politiken

Pictures from Lasse Mejlvang's story A Place They Call Home are published in today's edition of Politiken. The story tells about the 16-year old refigee Remzi, who has lived in Denmark for 12 years. Remzi escaped from Albania. Last year, he was sent out of Denmark and back to Kosova. Lasse Mejlvang has made a picture story telling about Remzi's living conditions in Kosova and his dreams of coming back to Denmark.


In today's Politiken Lasse's pictures are published together with a new article written by Olav Hergel.


You can also read and see the story online in Politiken.dk/magasinet.


Remzi in his room in Kosova. Picture by Lasse Mejlvang.


Lasse Mejlvang made the story about Remzi as his final BA-project last year.


Lasse Mejlvang's story is also selected as one out the 60 stories which will be exhibited at this year's Lumix Festival.

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Four projects nominated for the Kravling Award

Each year the different students' organisations arrange a competetion called the Kravling - to celebrate prize worthy stories made by students of journalism.


The Kravling prize is handed out in three categories:


- Journalistic stories within news, narrative jounalism, in depth journalism or the like.


- Visual journalistic stories where the visual is the main part of the story telling, that goes for video, stills or graphical design.


- Communacative journalism, where the the student or students have worked with information, maybe for a certain organisation.


This year, four out of the five projects nominated for the Visual Kravling are made by photojournalistic students from DMJX.


From the series "Cph by Night". Picture by Lars Just.


The four nominated projects and students are:


Lars Just with his story "Cph by Night".


Paw Wegner Gissel & Thomas Emil Sørensen with the web-documentary "Harald Togram". The two students were also nominated at the Danish POY with this story.


Michael Hansen with his story "Transit" about Yin Bay and his Burmese, who're sent out of Denmark where they're not alloved to recieve asylum. The story was also nominated at this year's Danish POY.


Tor Birk Trads with his portrait series about kids with special needs, who are struggling to be included in the Danish public schools. Tor Birk Trads won in the portrait category at the Danish POY with one of the portraits from this series.


Portrait of Jens by Tor Birk Trads.



The winners will be announced at an award ceremony on the 10th of May at BREMEN in Copenhagen.


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Æ' Ø Magazine sold in 144 copies

In the autumn 2013 our Danish second term students went to the Island of Fur during their magazine workshop.


The students produced the magazine Æ' Ø (the Island) with stories about the local community at Fur.


Now, half a year later the students have proudced and sold 144 extra copies of the exclusive magazine to the inhabitants at Fur - one of the magazines even went to Canada, where a former Fur-resident now lives.


The eight students behind the magazine are:


Ida Munch
Sophia Juliane Lydolf
Lasse Kofoed
Simon Skipper
Jens Henrik Daugaard
Simon Læssøe
Tróndur Dalsgaard
Laust Jordal



The students are now attending our third semester and will apply for internship this week.

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New web-documentaries online

Last week, our international Photo1 students finished a web-documentary workshop conducted by Poul Madsen and Henrik Kastenskov from Bombay Flying Club.


The ten students produced six stories, which are now online on this site and on vimeo.


The ten students are:


Giulia Maangione, Italy

Manpreet Singh Romana, India

Daria Klimasheva, Russia

Sailendra Kharel, Nepal

Felix von der Osten, Germany

Pascal Giese, Germany

Philipp Jeske, Germany

Andrea Arena, Italy

Emanuele Camerini, Italy

Benedikt Ziegler, Germany


Now, the international group of students are already working on their next workshop - a magazine workshop with teacher Jesper Voldgaard. In a few weeks, you be able to see thier magazine-stories online, too.

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Two students' shows today

Today, two of our classes ended each of their workshops with a show at DMJX.


Our ten international Photo1 students showed six web-documentaries made during a workshop with Henrik Kastenskov and Poul Madsen from Bombay Flying Club. Their stories will be online on this site soon.


Reportage exhibition at DMJX. Picture by Søren Pagter.


Our nine Danish third term students exhibited their reportage stories made during a workshop with prize winning photojournalist Peter Hove and journalist Hanne Mølby. The stories can be seen in the aula at DMJX.


The Danish students will apply for internship in the following weeks.

Six DMJX-projects at the Lumix Festival

Today, the Lumix Festival announced who will be exhibited at this year's festival from the 18th till the 22nd of June in Hannover.


Almost 1200 young photographers from 71 countries had submitted their work for the festival - The jury has chosen 60 picture stories and 21 mulitmedia stories to be exhibited at the festival.


Six out of these 81 projects have been made at DMJX by students of ours.


The six DMJX-projects, which will be exhibited at the Lumix Festival, are:


- Vibeke and Knud by Cristina Casotto and Lani Holmberg.



- Beautiful Child by Lærke Posselt.


- A Place They Call Home by Lasse Bak Mejlvang.


- Bonnie by Marie Hald


- Detroit by Magnus Holm


- One In Eight Hundred by Mario Wezel


The list of selected picture stories can be seen here.


The list of selected multimedia stories can be seen here.


From the 81 exhibited projects a jury will select three main prize-winners:


- The FREELENS Award and three honorable mentions.

- The Lammerhuber Photography Award for a everyday life story.

- The Lumix Mulitmedia Award.


Søren Pagter, head of the department for Photojournalism at DMJX, is in the jury.


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Eight students honored at POY-opening at ARoS today

The Danish Picture of the Year opened today at the arts museum ARoS in Aarhus. The Aarhus municipality had decided to honor the talented DMJX-students by handing out prizes to eight of the 12 nominated students.


Last week, four out the 12 nominated DMJX-students won first prizes at the offical award ceremony in Copenhagen. Today, the eight students, who didn't win a first prize, received a prize handed out by Councilman Rabih Azad-Ahmad.


At the opening Rabih Azad-Ahmad said: "it's impressive how students from DMJX every year win prizes at the POY. It shows great talent and big ambitions among the students and it shows that we have a school of high quality here in Aarhus."


Prize-winning picture by Michael Hansen.


The eight students who recieved a prize today are:


Foreign reportage

Sofia Busk, currently interning at Jyllands-Posten

Michael Hansen, currently interning at Jyllands-Posten


Portrait category

Daniel Hjorth, currently interning at Politiken.


Open category

Mathias Christensen, graduated in sommer 2013.


Multimedia category

Paw Gissel and Thomas Emil Sørensen, currently interning at Kristeligt Dagblad and Jyllands-Posten


Danish reportage

Andreas Beck. 7 term student


Interactive multimedia

Mie Brinkmann, final term student

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Kiên Hoàng Lê shortlistet for the Henri Nannen Award

Kiên Hoàng Lê graduated our Photo 2 programme in the summer 2013 with his Diploma project Veils and Hoods about the sisters and friars living together in an abbey in southern Germany.


The story was published in Cicero magazine.



Now, Kiên Hoàng Lê is shortlistet for the Henri Nannen Award in the category of photographic stories. On the list are among others the prize winning photographers like Paolo Pellegrin, Kai Wiedenhöfer and Sara Lewkowicz.


You can see the full shorlist here.

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