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Sisse Stroyer's "Sexting" project in Hamburg

Back in 2010 Sisse Stroyer made the project "Sexting" as her Visual Project during her 8th semester at DMJX. The project is a collection of intimate and sexual mms-messages sent from one person to another.


A mobile picture from the "Sexting" project. Idea and collection by Sisse Stroyer.


The "Sexting" project was exhibited for the first time at The Finnish Museum of Photography in the autumn 2014.


Now, the "Sexting" project will be exhibited for the second time at the Triennale der Photographie in Hamburg from the 19th til the 28th of June.


Sisse Stroyer is working as a freelance photojournalist and will be present at the festival in Hamburg.

Felix von der Osten has won BJP Breakthrough Award

Today, Felix von der Osten won the British Journal of Photography Breakthrough Award with his story "The Buffalo that could not Dream". 


Portrait by Felix von der Osten from his project "The Buffalo that could not Dream". 


Felix won in the undergraduate category with his final diploma project, which he made at DMJX in the fall 2014.

Ditte Lysgaard Holm has won three prizes at Western Kentucky Film Festival

Ditte Lysgaard Holm's short film "Celebration" has won three prizes at Western Kentucky Film Festival: Best Short Narrative, Best Screenplay and Audience Choice.


Ditte Lysggard Holm finished her exchange study at Western Kentucky University (WKU) in December 2014 - at the university she focussed on web-documentaries.

Dennis Lehmann has won the Kravling Award

Dennis Lehmann was announced as the winner of the Kravling Award at the award ceremony saturday night at Nørrebro Teater.


Picture from Dennis Lehmann's BA project "Upernavik og andre fortællinger".


Dennis Lehmann won in the photo/TV category for his BA project Upernavik og andre fortællinger.


This year four of out five nominated stories in the photo/TV category were made by DMJX-students.


The other three nominated projects were:

- Jonas Skelgaard Olufson with the series Shirley fra Næstved produced while being in internship at Ekstra Bladet

- Philip Davali, Ulrik Hasemann og Mie Hee with the webdocumentary A Normal Family produced at DMJX

- Lars Just with his Bachelor project Unspoken Legacy


Once every year the student members of the Danish Journalists Association award the best student projects by handing out the Kravling Award in three different categories - photo/TV, journalism and communication.

Petra Theibel and Mathias Svold selected for PDN Photo Annual

The web documentary "Congratulations, it's a..." by Petra Theibel and Mathias Svold has been selected for PDN photo Annual 2015.


Screendump from the web documentary "Congratulations, it's a..." by Petra Theibel and Mathias Svold. Click the image to watch the original site with the video, pictures and text.


Only 11 webdocumentaries have been selected by PDN and Petra and Mathias are in an exclusive company at the PDN video selection - photographers like Eugene Richards, Ed Kashi and Benjamin Lowy have also their stories presented.


Petra and Mathias made their web documentary during a third semester workshop in the fall 2014. They have also won first prize in the multimedia category at the Danish Picture of the Year with the same story.

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Brittany Greeson has won three prizes for her final photo story

Brittany Greeson graduated our Photo1 programme in the autumn 2014 with a strong story about Kenth Ebbesen, a handicapped man who lives at the institution Sølund near Skanderborg.


Picture of Kenth Ebbesen from the photo story about his life at Sølund. By Brittany Greeson.


Brittany's story and pictures about Kenth have now given her three prizes in the US:


Brittany has won third place in the Picture Story category at Hearst Journalism Awards. Together with the honour, Brittany receives §1,500.


The Hearst Journalism Awards is a series of journalism competitions for American Univerisities.


Brittany has also won Best in Show and Student Photographer of the year at the Kentucky News Photographers association.

Mathias Christensen in N.Y. Times

A selection of pictures from Mathias Christensen's "Black Nest" project was published in New York Times on the 6th of May.


Page two in New York Times from yesterday, the 6th of May.


Mathias Christensen made his "Black Nest" project while doing his internship at Politiken and during his 7th semester at DMJX.


On the 23rd of May, Kehrer Verlag launched a book with Mathias' pictures.

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Magazine launch this Friday

Our Danish second term students finished their magazine workshop last week and now their magazine called "Nordegn" is ready to launch.


The students will launch their magazine at a reception at DMJX this Friday the 8th of May at 1pm.


Cover of the magazine "Nordegn". Click here to read.


"Nordegn" consists of eight individual stories from the town Frederikshavn in the north of Denmark.


The magazine was made during a three week workshop, where the students spent one week on assigment in Frederikshavn.


The eight photojournalists behind the magazine are:

Ida Guldbæk Arentsen
Ida Marie Odgaard
Ivan Riordan Boll
Kenneth Lysbjerg Koustrup
Louise Koustrup
Malene Anthony Nielsen
Peter-Emil Witt
Tobias Nicolai

The teachers at the workshop have been:

Mathilde Bech (photojournalism)
Hanne Mølby Henriksen (journalism)
Susse Sommer (graphics and layout)
Henrik Meller (graphics and layout)


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Simon Fals has received Danida grant

Ten projects have been selected by the Danish aid organization Danida to receive their Verdensbilledlegat (World Picture Grant).


Final-year student Simon Fals is among the receivers of the grant. Together with his journalistic colleague, Eigil Johannisson, they've received the grant to do a story about the Lake Victoria in Uganda - the working title is "Life, death and swimming lessons".


The grant has a value of D. kr. 50,000 to cover travel and production expenses.


Simon and Eigil will be doing their story this spring and summer before Simon start his final 8th semester at DMJX.


Simon Fals is currently on leave from school and is in Argentina.

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Ditte Lysgaard Holm has won Hearst Journalism Award

Ditte Lysgaard Holm finished her exchange study at Western Kentucky University (WKU) in December 2014 - at the university she focussed on web-documentaries.


Together with a group of her fellow students from WKU, Ditte has just received the Hearst Journalism Multimedia Team Award for their final project Beyond Breath.


Before going back to Denmark, Ditte Lysgaard Holm worked for Laureen Greenfield for almost four months. Now, Ditte is back at DMJX ready to do her 7th semester project and after that; her final BA project.

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