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Mario Wezel's magazine story in Information

Former international student Mario Wezel's story "Sin began with Marlene" about apple production in Tyrol was published in yesterday's edition of the daily Information.The pictures can also be seen online at FotoBloggen on Information's website.


The story about apple production in Tyrol published in Information.


Mario Wezel did the story during his magazine workshop at DMJX in fall 2012. The full student magazine from then is available online - you can see it below this article.


One of the original magazine spreads from when Mario Wezel did his story at DMJX.

Mario Wezel attended both our Photo1 and Photo2 programme - and graduated in the spring 2013.

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Andrea Gjestvang at DMJX

Today, the Norwegian photographer Andrea Gjestvang is visiting DMJX.


Andrea Gjestvang lecturing at DMJX. Picture by Mads Greve.


Andrea Gjestvang has been working with our 7th semester students all day and is right now giving a lecture for all our students of photojournalism.

Matthew Busch featured in The Washington Post

Former international student Matthew Busch has his final diploma project from DMJX - What Coal left Behind - featured at the In Sight blog in The Washington Post.


A miner shovels handfuls of coal into a bucket that he will later sell for cash. Picture By Matthew Busch.


Matthew Busch did the story in the fall 2013 where he graduated our photo2 priogramme.

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DMJX presented at Vilnius Photo Circle Festival

This weekend, the fotofestival Vilnius Photo Circle was held in the capital of Lithuania. The Vilnius Photo Circle consists of two competetions and a festival with screenings and lectures. The two competetions are: the main competition "the Circle of Life" for professionals and the "Homework" competetion for young photographers below 30 years.



Søren Pagter, who had been the tutor and the one to select the finalists and the winner for the "Homework" competetion, was invited to Vilnius to present the five young finalists in the youth competition and to talk about how we teach photojournalism at DMJX.


At the lecture Søren Pagter showed different work made by DMJX students in order to tell about the different workshops and semesters at DMJX - and to show the variety of work made at our school. For instance Søren Pagter showed the two recent magazines, "Lollik" and "Voice". Just like he showed the reportage "Sorte Fugle" by Sofia Busk, some Visual Projects and BA-projects, for instance by Ilaria di biagio, Arianna Sanesi and Mette Frandsen.


People waiting for the screenings to begin at the University of Vilnius. Picture by Søren Pagter.


At the evenings screening and award ceremony in the University of Vilnius three DMJX web-docs were showed: "Din for Evigt", "Kronikken" and "Sewer Child".


Søren Pagter handed out the first prize in the "Homework" competition to Nastasia Khrolovich from Minsk, Belarus for her story about a blind woman.


The five finalists in the "Homework" competition together with Søren Pagter. From the left: Maksim Sarychau (Minsk, Belarus), Anton Karliner (Novosibirsk, Russia), Nastasia Khrolovich (Minsk, Belarus), Søren Pagter, Kristina Brazhnikova (Voronezh, Russia) and Alexander Mihalkovich (Belarus).

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Launch of Voice magazine

Tomorrow, Friday at 13:30 our ten international photo1 students will launch their magazine called Voice.


 International Photo1 in the computer room after finishing their magazine. Picture by Jesper Voldgaard.


The Voice magazine is produced during a magazine workshop in the autumn 2014 at DMJX.


The ten students have produced individual stories and combined them into a mutual magazine.


The students behind the magazine are:

Brittany Greeson (USA)

Claudia Gori (Italy)

Mohammadreza Soltani (Iran)

Barbara Leolini (Italy)

Nikita Greydin (Russia)

Gabriel Ellison-Scowcroft (USA)

Roger Anis (Egypt)

Katharina Bauer (Germany)

Fabian Fiechter (Germany)

Sari Kettunen (Finland)


The teachers at the workshop have been:

Jesper Voldgaard (photojournalism)

Lone Theils (journalism)

Susse Sommer (graphics and layout)

Henrik Meller (graphics and layout)


Teacher Jesper Voldgaard taken the group picture. Picture by Sari Kettunen.

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DMJX students at Eddie Adams workshop

Last week a group of present and former DMJX students were participating in the annual Eddie Adams workshop in upstate New York.


DMJX-students at Eddie Adams workshop. From the left: Eric Shea (USA), Terje Abusdal (Norway), Demetrius Freeman (USA), Kirstine Killerich (Denmark), Rebecka Uhlin (Sweden), Mario Wezel (Germany) and Katie Currid (USA).


There's only 100 young photographers selected for the workshop every year - and out of these 100 seven participants came from DMJX.

Mads Greve at Festival della Fotografica Etica

Faculty teacher Mads Greve will visit Festival della Fotografica Etica in Italy this Saturday to do portfolio reviews. Friday Mads' agency Prospekt turns ten and at Teatro alle Vigne a screening of Prospekt works takes place among them Mads' Blind Date.


The festival has another DMJX connection as former student Lærke Posselt's 7th semester project Beautiful Child will be exhibited.

Two receptions on one day

Today, we're having two receptions at DMJX.


At 12.30 our Danish second terms students will launch their magazine with stories from the Danish island Lolland. The group of eigth students went together to the island called Lolland in the south of Denmark. Here they worked for one week making a story each. The eight individual stories are combined in a magazine called "Lollik".


The magazine Lollik is published online  - click to read - and is also hanging on the walls in the aula at DMJX.


The eight students are: Emil Hougaard,Jonas Høholt, Victoria Mørck Madsen, Jens Welding Øllgaard, Casper Holmenlund, Ólafur Steinar Gestsson, Melissa Kühn Hjerrild and Rune Aaarestrup Pedersen.


The teachers at the magazine workshop have been: Mathilde Bech (photojournalism), Hanne Mølby Henriksen (journalism), Susse Sommer (layout) and Henrik Meller (layout).


At 13.00 our Danish third terms students will open their reportage exhibition with individual stories made during a four week reportage workshop. The nine students have travelled and worked individually to different places both in Denmark and abroad.


Poster for the third semester reportage exhibition.


The nine students are: Anders Rye Skjoldjensen, Katrine Marie Kragh, Mathias Løvgreen Boiesen, Mathias Svold Maagaard, Ulrik Hasemann, Philip Davali, Sara Gangsted Bertelsen and Mie Hee Christensen.


The teachers at the reportage workshop have been: Peter Hove (photojournalism) and Marcus Aggersbjerg (journalism).

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Russian Master Class book launch

On Wednesday the 1st of October the book "Next Door" was launched at a reception in St. Peterburg, Russia.


Mads Nissen speaking about the project at the reception in St. Petersburg. Picture by Anders Lange.


A spread from the book "Next Door". Picture by Anders Lange.


"Next Door" is the result of a master class for 12 northwest-Russian photographers - the workshop was carried through in both Denmark and Russia during 2012-2013. The theme for the master class workshop was "Neighboourship. The teachers were Mads Nissen, Kent Klich and Søren Pagter.


Mads Nissen together with three of the female Russian participants from the master class. Picture by Anders Lange.


"Next Door" is both a book and an exhibition. At the book launch the pictures were exhibited for the first time. The plan is, that the exhibition will tour aorund North-west Russia and hopefully also in the Nordic countries.


From the "Next Door" exhibition. Picture by Anders Lange.


The master class was initiated and financed by the Nordic Journalist Centre. Read more at their website.


The book is both in Russian and English and will soon be available for order at the publishing house Ajour.


Photocollective Skagerak


When the current 6th semester students were sent to internship they formed a photocollective called Skagerak to share their work during the internship.


By now it has turned into a site with stories and a blog with photos from daily assigmnents. Check it out, it's worth spending some time there.


Find Skagerak here.

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