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Working towards deadline

A lot of our students are extremely busy this week finishing each of their projects. So there's a lot of activity at the school.


The second term students are wokring on their magazine with stories from the border area between Denmark and Germany.


Second term students working in the computer room with both text and pictures for their magazine.

Picture by Søren Pagter.


The third term students are woriking on their individual reportages, which includes stories from all over the world; Uganda, Kirgisistan, Ireland, Jamaica, Ukraine, Vietnam, Kosovo and Greece.


Third term students editing one of the reportage stories for their exhibition. Picture by Søren Pagter.


The two groups of students will show their work at each their exhibition at 1pm on Friday the 9th of October in the front hall of the school.


Yeah, one more story is ready. Tobias and Malene posing in front of Ida's final edit. Picture by Ida Guldbæk Arentsen.


Finally, our Danish 8th term and International photo2 students had their deadline today. They handed in their Visual Projects this morning after (for some of them) a long night's work. Tomorrow, they begin a workshop with Alixandra Fazzina from Noor to prepare them for their final BA/Diploma projects.


Simon Fals sleeping in the children's room of a colleague, where he's staying while studying in Aarhus.

Simon fell a sleep straight after he came home from school.

Mads Greve and Søren Pagter at WPP meeting

The World Press Photo exhibition opened yesterday at Politiken with speeches by World Press winner, Mads Nissen and director of Word Press Photo, Lars Boering.


In these months the staff from World Press Photo travels around the world to present and discuss their ideas for both the competition and for the whole World Press Photo foundation.


Lars Boering (right), director of World Press Photo, presenting the draft for the new rules in the competition. Picture by Thomas Borberg.


While in Copenhagen, the director Lars Boering had invited a selection of photographers, picture editors and teachers to debate the future of photojournalism and how World Press Photo can influence the photojournalistic media.


20 people were invited to the meeting with World Press Photo. Picture by Thomas Borberg.


Mads Greve and Søren Pagter were among the people invited for the debate, which focussed on manipulation both within the use of post production and manipulation made by wrong context and by arranging pictures.


As a part of the meeting Lars Boering presented a draft to the new rules for the World Press Photo competition, just like he presented "the state of news photography" - a research the organization has made together with David Campbell.

Barbara Leolini's "Echoes" on Sideluck Editorial

Barbara Leolini's story "Echoes" about believing in the supernatural and about ghost hunters in Italy has been made into a small multimedia production.


Picture from the project "Echoes" made by Barbara Leolini.


This new version of Barbara's final diploma project can now be seen on the website Sideluck Editorial together with a short interview with Barbara.


Spread from the Witty magazine showing Barbara Leolini's project "Echoes"


"Echoes" are also published in the current edition (no. 5) of Witty Magazine.


Barbara made "Echoes" in the spring 2015 while studying at DMJX.

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DMJX mentioned in one mio copy Chinese newspaper

Photojournalist Thomas Nielsen, who's a former student, a guest lecturer at DMJX and a member of our group of examinators has been in Hangzhou, China to do a workshop for Chinese photographers.


As a part of his visit Thomas was interviewed for the Hangzhou newspaper, The City Express - a paper, which has a circulation of one millions copies a day and, which has a special photography website called KPKP.


In the interview Thomas talks both about his own photography, his education at DMJX and about Dabnish photography in general.


You can see the article in Chinese here.

And read an ok translated version of the long interview here.


Emanuele Camerini will exhibit at Photo Kathmandu

Emanuele Camerini's story "The Twelfth Night" has been selected to be exhibited at Photo Kathmandu from the 3rd till the 9th of November.


Picture from Emanuele's story about the legend of the seal woman.


Emanule made his story as his final diploma project at DMJX in the fall 2014.


Photo Kathmandu is a brand new photo festival in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The festival is organized by PhotoCircle, an independant organisation, which has been co-operating with DMJX since 2010.


Søren Pagter will participate in Photo Kathmandu - he will do a lecture about the photojournalism education in Denmark and he will give port folio reviews at the festival.

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Mads Greve mentor at Arhus Independent Pixels


Aarhus Independent Pixels is a new Nordic short film- and photography festival. The festival is located in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark and its mission is to promote independent artists up to 30 years old from the Nordic countries.

Mads Greve has been asked to be one of the mentors at the 2015 edition and help to develop five young talents, and Mads is also doing portfolio reviews Friday October 16 at 12.00.


The festival takes place from October 16 to 18 and former students Lærke Posselt and Mads Nissen will exhibit.


Find the fesitval's site here.

Program for the festival's events here.

"Evidence" again and again

Ella Kiviniemi and Romina Vinci's video documentary "Evidence" is continuing it's succes.

Screen-shot from the video documentary "Evidence" by Ella Kiviniemi and Romina Vinci.

"Evidence" is one out of only four stories to be selected for the first edition of Phototales - multimedia projects at the XIV edition of the "Fotografia International Festival of Rome".

The festival will be held at the Museum of contemporary Art in Rome from the 8th of October to the 17th of January.

Right now, Sideluck Editorial features "Evidence" on their website. Sideluck Editorial is a new platform, which has the aim of showcasing the best multimedia presented worldwide. Also, the website gives tips and advices to those, who want to work with this media. Therefore, the website also has a short interview with Ella and Romina.
News from Italy

Romina Vinci and Giulia Mangione, two of our former international students, have had their DMJX projects published. Here's an short update from Italy:


Giulia Mangione's picture from "Danesland" on the front cover of "Il Reportage".


Two DMJX projects will be published in no. 24 of the Italian magazine "Il Reportage":

Giulia Mangione's project "Danesland" and Romina Vinci's "Last Stop Biskopsgarden"


Giulia did her project about the Danish way of living as her final photo story during Photo1 in the spring 2014.


Romina did her story about the so-called ghetto in Ghotenburg, Sweden as her final project during Photo1 in the spring 2015.


Futhermore, in the near future the website of the newspaper "Internazionale" will publish Romina Vinci's project from Ranum Asylum Center. Romina made the story during her magazine workshop in the spring 2015.


The story can be seen at page 13 in the magazine "State of Mind"

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The Status:15 exhibition has opened

Yesterday, the censored exhibition Status:15 opened at Museumsbygningen in Copenhagen. The exhibition can be seen untill the 30th of October.

The opening of Status:15, yesterday.

Both this picture and the picture on the wall is by Asger Ladefoged.


Status:15 shows 100 pictures, which depict the current level of professional Danish photography - divided into five different categories: photojournalism, art, portraiture, commercial and communication.


Among the 61 selected photographers are five DMJX photojournalist students:

Christian Liliendahl - 7th term student

Peter Klint - 8th term student

Jonas Olufson - 8th term student

Sille Veilmark - 2nd term student

Sofia Busk - 8th term student


Quest worker in Qatar, where he's part of a large group of foreign workers, who build the stadions for the World Cup 2022.

Picture by Christian Liliendahl - who is one of the five DMJX photojournalist students selected for Status:15


Also three newly graduated students have been selected to exhibit:

Camilla Rønde, Freelance

Asger Ladefoged, staff photographer at Scanpix/Berlingske

Lars Just, Freelance


320 photographers submitted in all 3400 pictures for the censored exhibition.

The four jury members was Kristine Kern, Peter Hove, Niels Gerding and Banja Rathnov.

You can see the full list here and read the comments from the jury members. 

Brittany Greeson in "The Image, Deconstructed"

Brittany Greeson is interviewed for the weekly blog, "The Image, Deconstructed".


Kenth Ebbesen. Picture by Brittany Greeson.


In the interview, Brittany talks about her project "For Kenth", which she made in the fall 2014 during Photo1 as her final photo story. She also tells about the difference between her school in Western Kentucky and DMJX.


The blog not only shows pictures from Brittany's project, but also some of her screen-shots of the selection process.


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