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Nominations for the Kravling Award

Once every year the student members of the Danish Journalists Association award the best student project, The Kravling Award. In the Photo/TV.

This year four of out five nominated projects are from DMJX.


The nominees are:

Jonas Skelgaard Olufson with the series Shirley fra Næstved produced while being in internship at Ekstra Bladet

Philip Davali, Ulrik Hasemann og Mie Hee with the webdocumentary A Normal Family produced at DMJX

Lars Just with his Bachelor project Unspoken Legacy

Dennis Lehmann with his Bachelor project Upernavik og andre fortællinger

The winner of The Kravling Award will be announced at a ceremony in Copenhagen on May 16.

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Mario Wezel received his CPOY prize

One and a half week ago, Mario Wezel participated in the CPOY/POY award ceremony, which was hosted in Columbia, Missouri at Mizzou University.

Mario accepted his College Photographer of the Year award, some free gear from Nikon and he gave a speech for about 50 people.


Here are few snapshots from the day by another former student, Kristen Zeis.


Marie Wezel talking about his project "One in Eight Hundred", which was a part of of prize-winning port folio. Picture by Kristen Zeis.


Mario Wezel receiving his prize as College Photographer of the Year handed over by Mizzou Faculty teacher, Rita Reed. Picture by Kristen Zeis.


Kristen Zeis and Mario Wezel. Picture by Kristen Zeis.

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DMJX-students nominated for Joop Swart Master Class

Yesterday, the World Press Photo announced this year's 163 candidates for the Joop Swart Master Class. 


Among the nominees are a lot of former and one present DMJX-students:


- Arko Datto, India - international Photo2, fall 2013.

- Evgeny Makarov, Germany - international Photo2, spring 2014.

- Fabian Weiss, Germany - international Photo2, fall 2011.

- Kishor Kumar Sharma Ghorsaine, Nepal - international Photo2, spring 2014.

- Marie Hald, Denmark - Danish BA graduate from spring 2013.

- Mario Wezel, Germany - international Photo2, spring 2013.

- Matthew Abbott, Australia - international Photo1, spring 2008.

- Mohammad Reza Soltanitehrani, Iran - currently attending our international Photo2.

- Narendra Raj Mainali, Nepal - international Photo1, spring 2011.

- Sonja Och, Germany - international Photo2, spring 2011.

- Stefano Carini, Italy - international Photo2, spring 2012.

- Virginie Nguyen Hoang, Belgium - international Photo1, spring 2011.


In addition to this list, nominee Prashit Sthapit from Nepal is also connected to DMJX. Prashit Sthapit attended the DMJX master class for Nepali photographers held in 2011.


On the 22nd of April, an independent selection committee will choose the final 12 photographers, who will be invited to Amsterdam in November for the masterclass. The selected photographers will be announced on Saturday the 25th of April during the World Press Photo Award days in Amsterdam.


Søren Pagter is one of the 136 professionals in the field of photojournalism from all over the world who're nominating for this master class.

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"State of Mind" magazine will be launched this Friday

Our international Photo1 students finished their magazine workshop this last Friday. Now, their magazine called "State of Mind" has been printed and will be launched at a reception in the main aula


Friday the 17th of April at 1.30pm.


You can already read the magazine online by clicking on the frontpage below.


Cover of the magazine "State of Mind" made by seven

international dmjx-photojournalists in the spring 2015.


The seven students behind the magazine are:

Martina Zamboni (Italy)

Romina Vinci (Italy)

Ella Kiviniemi (Finland)

Emilia Kangasluoma (Finland)

Karolis Pilypas Liutkevicius (Lithuania)

Chloé Glad (France)

Vincent Kleemann (Germany)


The teachers at the magazine workshop have been:

Jesper Voldgaard (photojournalism)

Lone Theils (journalism)

Susse Sommer (graphics and layout)

Henrik Meller (graphics and layout)



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Stefanie Moshammer launches the book "Vegas and She"

International photo2 student, Stefanie Moshammer is busy right now. While in the middle of the work with her final Diploma Project, she also launches her first book "Vegas and She" at a book reception at 9.30pm on the 23rd of April in Queens Club, Vienna, Austria.


You can see the full invitation here.


The first prints of the book "Vegas and She". Picture by Stefanie Moshammer.


"Vegas and she" is a personal story from the underbelly of Nevada’s shimmering city, Las Vegas. Stefanie Moshammer is portraying the world behind the shiny facade of Vegas.

You can see a presentation of some of the pictures from the book at Rekorder's website -  a German agency, who's representing Stefanie Moshammer.


The book will be available at the school's library when it's launched.

Katharina Bauer exhibited at the City Hall Square in Copenhagen

If you have been in Copenhagen within the past month and passed the City Hall Square you couldn't avoid seeing an outdoor exhibition of big portraits, which campaign for Depressionsforeningen - a Danish organisation, which works with information, aid and research on depression and bipolar.


Katharina Bauer's portraits of people with bipolar, holding the question "Are you afraid of me". 


The exhibition ran from the 27th of March till the 10th of April and the large portraits were made by international student Katharina Bauer.


In the autumn 2014, Katharina Bauer did a series of stories about people who suffer or have suffered from depressions. The stories were Katharina's final Photo Story made on Photo1. While working with these stories Katharina came in touch with Depressionsforeningen, which assigned her for making their campaign.

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Felix Von Der Osten shortlisted for Oskar Barnack Newcomer


Felix Von Der Osten's diploma project The Buffalo That Could Not Dream about life on a Native American reservation in Montana, USA, has been shortlisted in the Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award. Twenty projects has been shorlisted for the award and the winner will be announced in June. See it here.


Also the project has been published on CNN's website, which you can check out here.

Mathias Christensen releases book this april

Mathias Christensen, who graduated in 2013, releases his book "Black Nest" this april. The pictures in "Black Nest" are made during Mathias' internship at Politiken and during his 7th semester at DMJX.


The cover of Mathias Christensen's coming book.


In his book, Mathias Christensen photographs the dark misty world of Copenhagen.


"Black Nest" will be relased at a reception between 5 and 7pm on the 23rd of April at Photographic Center in Copenhagen. Everybody is welcome at the event.


Mathias Christensen will exhibit his work from the 5th till the 14th of June at "Øen Art Space" in Copenhagen.


Picture by Mathias Christensen from his book "Black Nest".


Picture by Mathias Christensen from his book "Black Nest".

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Third term students open their reportage exhibition

Today, our eight third term students opened their reportage exhibtion with stories made during a four-week workshop.


Jonas Krogh Høholt hanging his story from the Danish Island Livø. Picture by Søren Pagter.


Casper Holmenlund Christensen putting up the final picture for his story about refiugees in Athens. Picture by Søren Pagter.


The exhibition can be seen in the main aula at the school for the next half year.


The eight students are:


Melissa Kühn Hjerrild

Ólafur Steinar Gestsson

Rune Aarestrup Pedersen

Casper Holmenlund Christensen

Emil Hougaard Bertelsen 

Jonas Krogh Høholt

Victoria Mørck Madsen

Jens Øllgaard


After the Easter break the students will apply for their internships.


The teachers at the workshop have been:

Carsten Snejbjerg (photojournalism)

Hanne Mølby Henriksen (journalism)

Prizes for DMJX students at Danish POY in Aarhus

Yesterday, the Danish POY exhibition opened at the arts museum ARoS in Aarhus and thereby the exhibition started it's tour around Denmark.


The Danish POY exhibied at ARoS - here it's Sofia Busk's prize winning story from E-Huset. Picture by Sofia Busk.


As it has become a tradition, the Aarhus Municipality honored the nominated DMJX-students, who didn't win first prizes at the Danish POY by handing out prizes to them at the opening.


This year 12 students were nominated for the Danish POY. Three of them won first prizes and nine of them won honorable mentions.


The nine students, who received honorable mentions and, who received prizes at the opening yesterday, are:


Sofia Busk - Honorable mention in the "Open Category". Sofia has just returned to 7th semester after doing her internship at Jyllands-Posten, where she made her prize winning story from an institution for alcholics called E-Huset.


Daniel Hjorth - Honorable mention in the category "Danish Reportage". Daniel is currently doing his internship at Politiken, where he made his prize winning story about homeless youngsters in Copenhagen.


Kasper Palsnov - Honorable mention in the category "Danish News Picture". Kasper has just returned to 7th semester after doing his internship at Scanpix/Berlingske for whom he took his prize winning picture of the giraffe Marius, which was killed at Copenhagen Zoo.


Janus Engel Rasmussen - Honorable mention in the "Portrait" category. Janus is currently doing his internship at Politiken, for whom he took his prize winning portrait of Maia, who was born as a man, but has lived the past year as a women.


Anders Rye Skjoldjensen and Katrine Marie Kragh - honorable mention in the multimedia category for their story "The Egostripper". The story was made during a web documentary workshop with Bombay Flying Club. Both Anders and Katrine are now doing their internships.


Philip Davali, Mie Hee og Ulrik Hasemann - honorable mention in the multimedia category for their story "An Ordinary Family". The story was made during a web documentary workshop with Bombay Flying Club. All three strudents are now doing their internships.


The prizes were handed out by the alderman for culture Rabih Azad-Ahmad, who thanked DMJX and the students for being a part of the "city of talents", which is a part of the brand of Aarhus.

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