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Sexting project at the Finnish Museum of Photography

Back in 2010, photojournalism student Sisse Stroyer started a project called Sexting during her 8th semester at DMJX. Tonight, she's opening an exhibiting of the project at the Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki.


Picture form the Sexting project.


Picture form the Sexting project.

Sexting is a project, where Sisse Stroyer collects sexual images sent by mobile phones from one person to another. Sisse Stroyer started the Sextng project as her visual project during a workshop with Kent Klich and Søren Pagter. At that time Sisse made a short book, which included a selection of the first collected images.


The cover of the original Sexting book from 2010.


Spread from Sisse Stroyer's Sexting project as it was made at DMJX in 2010.


After finishing the first edition of the Sexting project, Sisse Stroyer took a leave from the school to be able to collect more images and finish the project. She went to the Photo Festival in Arles to present her project - and the final result was, that she was selected to exhibit at the Finnish Museum of Photography.


So, tonight Sisse is opening her exhibition which is a part of a larger exhibition with the title: #Snapshot.


Sisse Stroyer at her exhibition in Helsinki.


The Sexting exhibition at the Finnish Museum of Photography.


Sisse Stroyer is also interviewed about the project at Politiken TV and the project is presented on their website.


Sisse Stroyer graduated her BA from DMJX in 2011 and is now freelancing in Copenhagen.


Sailendra Kharel has won first prize at Nepal's POY

During the summer break it was announced, that Sailendra Kharel won first prize in the category "Daily Life Single" at Nepal's annual photojournalism contest.


Relatives mourns after a village fire in Holiya, Banke district in Nepal.

Sailendra Kharel's prize winning picture.


You can see the some of the winning images on page 8 and 9 in this pdf of the newspaper My Republica.


Sailendra's picture was made for the Nepalese newspaper My Republica.


Sailendra is currently studying on a sholarship here at DMJX. Sailendra passed our Photo1 this spring and is now studying at our international Photo2 programme.


The British photographer George Georgiou chaired the contest.

Laetitia Vancon selected for the Blumm Prize

Laetitia Vancon, former international Frensh student, is among the only five photographers selected for the Blumm Prize.


Noja at the hospital - from the story "My Home, My Prison". Picture by Laetitia Vancon.

Laetitia is participating with her story "My Home, My Prison", which she made as her final diploma project in the spring 2014.


The winner among the five selected photographers will get 3000€ and an exhibition in Brussels on the 25th of November.

Mario Wezel among the Ian Perry winners

Mario Wezel, former internattional student from Germany, has received the commended award at the Ian Perry Scholarship.


From the story about Emmy, who suffers from Down's Syndrome. Picture by Mario Wezel.


Mario won with his story "One in eight hundred", which he made as his final diploma project in the spring 2013.


Mario has won several prizes for this project - for instance he was the winner in the people category at Sony World Photography Awards.

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Magnus Holm at National Geographic

When DMJX student Magnus Holm won first prize in College Photographer of the Year (CPOY) he recieved an internship at National Geographic.


During the internship Magnus did a project about a small Inuit settlement north of the Artic Circle. Read about the internship and the project here.

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Six DMJX students selected for the Eddie Adams Workshop

The 27th Eddie Adams Workshop will be held in October 2014 and the only 100 students selected for the four-day intense workshop were announced last week.


The list of participants is not on the workshop's website, but as far as I know four out of the 100 students come from DMJX:


Kristine Kiilerich - Danish student, who graduated her BA in photojournalism in 2012.


Katie Currid - International exchange student from University of Missouri. Katie graduated our photo 1 back in the spring 2011.


Rebecka Uhlin - International student from Sweden, who will start our international Photo 2 this autumn.


Terje Abusdal - International student from Norway, who has graduated both our international photo 1 and 2 courses. Tejre graduated his Diploma Project this June 2014.


Demetrius Freeman - International exchange student from Western Kentucky University, USA. Demetrius graduated his Photo 2 Diploma Project in the spring 2013.


Mario Wezel - International exchange student from Fachhochschule Hannover, Germany. Mario has graduated both our international photo 1 and 2 cources. Mario finished his Diploma Project in the spring 2013 in the same class as Demetrius Freeman.

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Lasse Mejlvang wins the Scanpix Prize

At the dimission ceremony today, Lasse Mejlvang received the Scanpix Prize for the best photojournalistic BA-project.


Lasse Mejlvang was not able to be at the award Ceremony, so he sent a video message instead. Picture by Mads Greve.


Lasse Mejlvang received the prize for his project "A place they call home" about the 16 year old refugee, Remzi Baftijari, who've been deported from Denmark to Kosovo.


"My body is in Kosovo. My mind is not", says Remzi in the project by Lasse Mejlvang. Picture by Lasse Mejlvang.


The project has just been exhibited at the Lumix Festival in Hannover.


Lasse Mejlvang graduated with the story in January 2014, but back then only two students were ready to graduate their BA exam. Therefore the Scanpix prize wasn't handed out in January.


At the end of each semester Scanpix celebrates the photojournalists by giving a prize to the best BA-project of the semester. It's the staff at Scanpix who select the Scanpix winner on the basis of nominations from the teachers.

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DMJX at the Lumix Festival

This weekend the forth Lumix Festival was held in Hannover.


A lot of former, present and even comming DMJX students were present at the festival as exhibitors, guests and active in arranging the festival.


38 of the around 50 DMJX-stduents and teachers gathered for a group picture at the Expo Plaza in Hannover. Benedikt had bought the Danish flag, which nobody noitced was the opposite way around - and since we don't flip pictures it has to stay that way. Picture by Claudius Schulze and his lift.


Five DMJX projects were exhibited at the festival:


- Beautiful Child by Lærke Posselt.

- Bonnie by Marie Hald.

- A Place They Call Home by Lasse Bak Mejlvang.

- Detroit by Magnus Holm.

- One In Eight Hundred by Mario Wezel.


All five exhibiting DMJX-students were present at the festival and during the weekend they all did artist talks at their exhibitions.


Lærke Posselt talking at her exhibition at the Lumix Festival. Picture by Mads Greve.


DMJX was also represented in the mulitmedia category where Cristina Casotto and Lani Holmberg's story Vibeke and Knud was screened.


Even at the different book stands at the festival DMJX was represented:


Book projects by Antonia Zennaro and Kien Hoang Le were both at sale at the book stand of Emerge. Both Antonia and Kien started their stories as their final Diploma Projects while studying at DMJX.


Reeperbahn by Antonia Zennaro and Es Lassen by Kien Hoang Le for sale at the Lumix Festival. Picture by Søren Pagter.


At the book stand of Deichtorhallen, Hamburg the book Blind Date by teacher Mads Greve was for sale. Mads Greve did book signing during the Lumix Festival.


Mads Greve signing books at the Lumix Festival. Picture by Lærke Posselt.


Saturday, the final award show was held. Søren Pagter, who's had been in the jury, handed out one of the honorable mentions to the Norwegian photographer Andrea Gjestvang. Andrea won with her project One Day in History.


Søren Pagter handing over the honorable mention to Andrea Gjestvang. Picture by the Lumix Festival.


Two former DMJX students won prizes at the festival:

Fara Phoebe Zetzsche won the Lammerhuber Award for best Daily Life story with her story Stray Kids

Mads Nissen received an honorable mention for his Homophobia in Russia story.


The winner of the Freelens Award was Meeri Koutaniemi with her project Taken.


Read more about the Lumix Festival and the winning stories here.

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Simon Skipper exhibiting at Gallery T

Third term student Simon Skipper opened his exhibition "Malmøcitater" this Saturday.


Picture from the exhibition by Simon Skipper and Mathias Lind.


The exhibition is an interpretation of the town Malmø - made through manipulated cityscapes. It can be seen at Gallery T, Jægersgårdsgade 58 in Aarhus.


Simon Skipper has made the exhibition together with his friend, Mathias Lind - and Simon Skipper will start his internship at Berlingske/Scanpix after the summer break.

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Third term students launch new format

Our third term students have recently finished their web documentary workshop conducted by Poul Madsen and Henrik Kastenskov from Bombay Flying Club.


This semester we've introduced a new and more interesting media format, which can combine video, sound, text and of course still images. The format is available on all platforms.


The nine students have produced four individual stories within the topic fear.


Visit the new DMJX web documentaries and watch:



Kronikken by Trondur Dalsgaard and Jens Henrik Daugaard.



Når man skal lære at gå igen by Ida Munch og Simon Læssøe.



Hvor fortiden våger by Sophia Lydolph and Simon Skipper.



Vold og Tarteletter by Kirstine Toft, Lasse Kofoed and Laust Jordal.


Eight of the nine students will start their internship after the summer break.

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