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New short documentaries available

Our international photo1 students have created three short documentaries this spring and the stories are now available online:


"Brabrand Paradise" is made by Martina Zamboni (Italy) and Vincent Kleemann (Germany).


"A Strange Day" is made by Karolis Pilypas Liutkevicius (Lithuania), Chloe Glad (France) and Emilia Kangasluoma (Finland).


"Evidence" is made by Ella Kiviniemi (Finland) and Romina Vinci (italy).


The story "Evidence" has already been sold to and published in the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

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Barbara Leolini on Time LightBox

It's never too late for a bit of old, but good news.....


In the beginning of July, Time LightBox published Barbara Leolini's project "Echoes" toghether with a short interview with Barbara about the making of the project. The project "Echoes" tells the stories about Italian ghost hunters.



Portrait of Roberto Ferrari, 46, who has lived for ten years in a small cottage outside Milan with his family and a provocative spirit named Angela. Angela was a girl, who had died from a dog bite in the family's house in 1961. Picture by Barbara Leolini.


Barbara did the project this spring as her final diploma project and graduated our photo2 programme this June.

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Roger Anis' project in A-Magasinet

Roger Anis' final diploma project "A Closet Full of Dreams" has been published in A-Magasinet - a magazine published by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. The story is on the front cover and runs over 12 pages in the magazine.





Roger Anis did his project with stories about different Egyptian women in the spring 2015 and graduated our photo2 programme this June.


The project has also been selected for the Delhi Photo Festival, where it will be exhibited from the end of Ocotber and till the beginning of November.

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C41TLYN goes on holiday

C41TLYN is her name.



At the final screening day in the mid of June we announced the name of our "new" developing machine. Her name is C41TLYN and is pronounced Caitlyn.


Vashkor Ahmed Zia, a former international student from Bangladesh, came up with the name. 


We can also announce that C41TLYN and we are going on holiday today.


In August we're all three ready to meet you again. C41TLYN with a new motor so she's able to push the developing time of your films.


Have a nice summer all of you ;)

12+ DMJX stories on Family.Life website

In the autumn 2014 students of photojournalism from 32 schools in 16 different countries all worked on the theme "family life" for their stoires.


Now, the huge Family.Life website with all the students' stories from all over the world has been launched and DMJX is the largest contributor of all schools - 12 projects made by DMJX-students are currently available on the website and a few more DMJX-projects will be added in the near future.


The 12 stories, which are on the site right now, are:

- "Blood Matters" by Barbara Leolini and Sari Kettunen.

- "My Name is Claudia and I Love my Life" by Claudia Gori.

- "The Egostripper" by Anders Rye Skjoldjensen and Katrine Marie Kragh.

- "Nunaga, My Country" by Sisse Dupont.

- "Love Keep Us Going" by Casper Holmenlund Christensen.

- "My Little Lost Mother" by Katharina Bauer and Mohammedreza Soltani.

- "Down With Light" by Romana Manpreet.

- "Hold Onto Me" by Daria Klimasheva.

- "For Kenth" by Brittany Greeson.

- "Congratulations, it's a...." by Petra Theibel Jacobsen and Mathias Svold.

- "Between Two Wolrds" by Melissa Ørnstrup.

- "Chameleons of Europe" by Mathias Løvgreen Bojesen.


The Family.Life project is also featured at N.Y. Times' Lens Blog and soon a book with a selection of the picture stories will be published.


The Family.Life project is initiated by Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with support from the Alexia Foundation.

Kasper Løftgaard wins the Scanpix Prize

Kasper Løftgaard was awarded the Scanpix Prize for best Danish photojournalistic BA project at the graduation ceremony today.


Kasper Løftgaard received the Scanpix Prize at the graduation ceremony today. Picture by Mikkel Berg.


Kaspoer Løftgaard won with his project "Otte sekunder for resten af livet" - a story from Texas, USA about the traditional cowboy life and friendship of Shawn Hogg and Hawkins Boyce.


The story is also selected to be exhibited at the Delhi Photo Festival in the autumn 2015.


Every semester the picture agency Scanpix selects one photojournalistic story for this prize.

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Søren Pagter in national radio tomorrow

Tomrrow at approximently 9:10, Søren Pagter will be interviewed live in the national radio programme "Gandhi" on DR P3.


In the interview Søren Pagter will talk about what is a good picture, why do we remember certain pictures and does photography make a difference?


The interview will be in Danish and will also be available online.

Two DMJX-students selected for Eddie Adams

The Eddie Adams workshop has just announced the 100 students to participate in this year's workshop.


Two DMJX-students are among the selected students from all over the world:


Brittany Greeson, who attended and graduated our photo1 in the fall 2014.


Felix von der Osten, who attended and graduated both our photo1 and photo2 during 2014.


The Eddie Adams workshop will run from the 9th till the 12th of October.

Video from Sisse Stroyer's Sexting exhibition in Hamburg

Former student Sisse Stroyer is right now exhibiting her Sexting project at the Triennale of Photography in Hamburg. The triennale runs from the 18th til the 28th of June.


In this video Sisse is showing us how her project is presented at the festival.


Video of the Sisse Stroyer's Sexting exhibition at Oberhafen in Hamburg. Click the Image to watch.


Picture from the opening of the Sexting exhibition this weekend.


Sisse Stroyer did the Sexting project back in 2010 as her Visual Project during her 8th semester at DMJX. The project is a collection of intimate and sexual mms-messages sent from one person to another.


The "Sexting" project was exhibited for the first time at The Finnish Museum of Photography in the autumn 2014.

New video-documentaries online

Last friday our Danish third term students finished their web documentary workshop. During this past week they have refined and re-edited their stories, which are now available online.


The four stories are:

"Tænder du på mig" by Olafur Steinar Gestsson & Jens Welding Øllgaard.

"Silent Enemy" by Casper Holmenlund Christensen and Emil Hougaard

"The Junk, the Mother and the Lioness" by Melissa Kühn Hjerrild and Victoria Mørck Madsen.

"No Feet for a lot of Socks" by Jonas Høholt and Rune Aarestrup Pedersen


Watch the stories by clicking on the thumbnails below - you won't regret it.


After the summer break the eight students are ready for internship.


The workshop was run by Poul Madsen and Henrik Kastenskov from Bombay Flying Club.


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