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A handful of news from the past weeks

In the past couple of weeks we've been busy at the school - first of all with teaching and secondly with updating the website with the wonderful CPOY news. Therefore we have a handful of very different news from the past weeks to share with you.


Anders, 18 years old. Picture by Andreas Beck.


Andreas Beck's BA project "Drenge" is published in this month's edition of the magazine Ud og Se. The magazine is also available online as e-paper and Andreas Beck's story can be seen at page 46. Andreas Beck graduated in the spring 2014.



From the project "About Dying" by Cathrine Ertmann.


Cathrine Ertmann's 7th semester project "About Dying" from the spring 2012 is published in American online magazine Feature Shoot. Cathrine Ertmann writes on Facebook: "Hurra! About Dying and an interview with me is published at Feature Shoot. It's cool because the American media aren't so keen on publishing pictures like this. A N.Y. Times editor once told me 'I think it's excellent. But honestly, I'm not sure if we can run this'."



Selfportrait by Angelina Nielsen Owino.


Angelina Nielsen Owino is continuing her visual project, which she started at DMJX in the fall 2012. Angelina Nielsen Owino's visual project focussed on her own body and questioned the female beauty ideal. Now, Angelina Nielsen Owino is searching for other women to photograph in order to broaden the project. You can read an article about the project in Lokalavisen.



The Thin Line book by Ilaria di Biagio.


Ilaria di Biagio's book "The Thin Line" has been selected for the French Le Photobook Fest. Ilaria di Biagio made the project and the first edition of her book as her Visual Project at DMJX in the fall 2011.



Thorvald Stoltenberg has written the foreword for the Next Door book, which is now available for sale in Denmark. Picture by Anders Lange.


Finally, the book Next Door is ready for sale in Denmark. Next Door is the result of a DMJX and NJC master class workshop for 12 young, Russian photographers. The workshop was conducted by Mads Nissen and Søren Pagter. The Next Door book is available at the publishing house Ajour's website.

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Award of Excellence in Multimedia Category


As the last news from cpoy this year DMJX students were awarded an Award of Execellence in the Large Group Multimedia Project Category.

This is a short webdocumentary done by Lizz Cardwell and Terje Abusdal on a workshop with Bombay Flying Club i the fall of 2013.


This Award of Excellence concludes another very good year at cpoy for DMJX.

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Mario Wezel College Photographer of the year

On the fourth and last day of the judging of the still photo division at CPOY the two main categories Documentary and Portfolio were judged - And again with an amazing result for our DMJX-students.


From the story "One in Eight Hundred" about Emmy who's born with Down's Syndrome. Picture by Mario Wezel.


Mario Wezel won the Portfolio Category and by doing that he won the title College Photographer of the Year. With this title follows an internship at National Geographic.


Mario Wezel's winning portfolio consists among other pictures of two major stories, which he did while studying at DMJX: "One in Eight Hundred" and "Sin Began with Marlene". Mario has studied at both our photo1 and photo2 programmes. He graduated his final Diploma Project in the spring 2013.


Mario Wezel also won an Award of Excellence in the Documentary Category for his story "One in Eight Hundred".



"I remember a bright light and a loud noise, before everything went dark," says Khantoun Pantarong. From the story "Unspoken Legacy" by Lars Just.


Lars Just won two prizes on the final day of CPOY:


Lars Just won Silver in the Documentary Category for his story "Unspoken Legacy" about the large number of bombs still remaining in Laos.


Lars Just did the story as his final BA-project in the spring 2014.


Lars Just also won an Award of Excellence in the Portfolio Category.

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CPOY third day: Eight DMJX students have won

It's morning in Denmark and we're eager to see the results of the third day of judging at CPOY.


Before midnight (Danish time) it was already announced that three DMJX-students had great success in the International Picture Story category. This news can be read here. But there was more good news to come.


A psychiatrist told Lukas to pull himself together. "I have to cut myself to get any help," Lukas says. "I am not that stupid.". A picture from the story Rootless made by Mathias Svold.


Mathias Svold won gold in the category Domestic Picture Story with his story "Rootless" - about the youngster Lukas. The story was made during Mathias Svold's second semester at DMJX.


In the same category, Domestic Pucture Story, international photo1 student Brittany Greeson won Bronze for her story "A Father at 60".


In the category Interpretive Project three students have won:


From the series of portraits from the Staten Island Ferry in New York. Picture by Marcaus Trappaud Bjørn.


Marcus Trappaud Bjørn won Gold for The Staten Island Ferry series, which he made while he was an exchange student at ICP in New York.


Kasper Palsnov won Award of excellence for his project "Vote for Me". And so did Marie Wezel for his story "Sin Began With Marlene".

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CPOY International Picture Story: Three out of four winners are from DMJX

On the third day at the 69th CPOY a lot of categories were judged. One of the first results to be announced was of the category International Picture Story.


In this category three out of the four winners were DMJX-students - an amazing ressult.


Angje Vukaj and her daughter Jozefina. Angje is suffering from depression and anxiety. A picture by Laetitia Vancon from the story My Home, My Prison.

Laetitia Vancon won gold with her story "My Home, My Prison" about an Albanian family who suffers due to a year long blood fight with another family. Laetitia Vancon did the story as her final Diploma Project in the spring 2014.
Thursday, September 19th. 2013 the Mabu family is expelled from Denmark from Copenhagen airport. A picture from the story Transit by Michael Hansen.

Michael Hansen won silver for his story "Transit" about the Mabu Family who was expelled from Denmark. Michael Hansen did the story during his internship at Jyllands-Posten. Michael Hansen is currently at 7th semester at DMJX.
A miner shovels handfuls of coal into a bucket that he will later sell for cash. A picture from the story What Coal left behind by Matthew Busch.

Matthew Busch won Award of Excellence for his story "What Coal Left Behind" about illegal coal mining in Wałbrzych, Poland. Matthew Busch did his story as his final Diploma Project in the fall 2013.
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Mohammedreza Soltani won and had his picture debated online

One additional news update from the first day of CPOY judging:


Mohammadreza Soltani won an Award of Excellence in the Portrait Category.


Picture by Mohammadreza Soltani.


The picture of an elderly Arab woman who takes a cooling bath was the subject of a long discussion in the jury about the use of photoshop and desaturation. You can hear the debate approx. 42 minutes into the screencast.


Mohammadreza Soltani from Iran is currently studying at our photo1 programme.

CPOY second day: Eight prizes for six DMJX students

Brittany Greeson, Kasper Palsnov, Peter Klint Jørgensen, Daniel Ekbladh, Betina Garcia and Asger Ladefoged have all won prizes on the second day of the 69th CPOY competition, where three categories were judged.


The Feature Category:


Faron Cox of Fordsville, Ky., paces back and forth gathering wood for an open pit fire after a day of logging with his oldest son, Darrin Cox. Picture by Brittany Greeson.


Brittany Greeson won gold and Award of Excellence in the Feature Category.


Integration in the danish school camps. From having been almost non existing the ethnic minorities in school camps have doublet over the last five years to about 20% today. Picture by Peter Klint Jørgensen.


Peter Klint Jørgensen won bronze in the Feature Category and Betina Garcia won an Award of Excellence in the same category.


Sports Feature:


It is January and it’s freezing but Marcus Jørgensen, age 10, carries out the soccer balls for another training. Picture by Kasper Palsnov.


Kasper Palsnov won gold in the Sports Feature Category.


General News:


May 2014, A family visits the Majdan square in Kiev after the Euromajdan protest took place earlier in the spring. Activists, living in tents after the immediate events, became an attraction for visiting toursits. Picture by Daniel Ekbladh.


Daniel Ekbladh won bronze in the General News Category.


Asger Ladefoged and Kasper Palsnov both won an Award of Excellence in the General News Categroy.



Gold and silver in CPOY portrait category

Sunday, the judging of the 69th CPOY contest began at Missouri University in Columbia, USA.


The three first categories to be judged were sports action, spot news and portrait and two DMJX-students won gold and silver in the portrait category:


Aleksander, 22. Picture by Jasper Bastian.


Jasper Bastian won gold with his portrait of Aleksandar Nikolic who is one of the last forty serbs, who still live in the Kosovo-Albanian capital Pristina. Jasper Bastian's portrait is a part of his final diploma project from the fall 2013 called Across the River - Tales From a Divided City.


Niels Lykke-Sørensen from Fur. Picture by Tróndur Dalsgaard.


Tróndur Dalsgaard won silver with a portrait of Niels Lykke-Sørensen, who is one of the youngsters living on the island of Fur in Denmark. The portrait is part of a series of pictures of young people from the island and was made during a magazine workshop at DMJX in the fall 2013. The full story can be seen in the magazine Æ' Ø'.

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Sofia Busk wins Informations Fotopris

Photo by Sofia Busk.

The purpose of Informations Fotopris is to honor photojournalist students who are able to create strong photography in a hectic enviroment at a newspaper or at an agency.
The winner is awarded a Canon 5D mark III. This year the jury was Lærke Posselt, Kent Klich and Martin Lehmann.

The winner of the award was Sofia Busk, and the jury said that there was never any doubt that Sofia was the winner. “She has not only an understanding for the people she works with, but also an understanding of strong photography. She is concequent and convincing”.


Photo by Michael Drost-Hansen.

Second prize goes to Michael Drost-Hansen, who “is a fantastic photojournalist who confronts us with people who are part of the current debate and tells their story very honestly”. 



 Photo by Cecile Smetana-Baudier.


Cecile Smetana-Baudier takes the third prize. The jury States that “she is an insanely adept and aesthetic photojournalist”.

All three winners had their internship at Jyllands-Posten.

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Mads Greve and Søren Pagter nominated for Fotogratula Prize

We, Mads Greve and Søren Pagter, are humble and proud to announce that we've been nominated for the Fotogratula Prize.


Some weeks ago a group of students surprised us in class when reading out load their reason for nominating us for the new Danish photography prize called Fotogratula. The nomination was signed by almost one hundred people - former and present students, guest lecturers and colleagues. You can read and see the nomination here.



The nomination, Mads Greve and Søren Pagter received from the students.


The Fotogratula Prize is initiated and handed out by DJ:fotograferne, which is an organisation for photographers in Denmark. The prize is going to be given to one or more persons, an institution or an organisation, that have done significant work for photography in Denmark.


There are 25 nominations for the Fotogratula Prize and the winner will be announced this Sunday evening at Fagfestivalen - a national festival for journalism, communication and photography.


No matter what the result will be on Sunday, we've received the highest recognition we can imagine by being nominated by so many wonderful people.


Thank you all of you - we'll gladly continue the work together with you.

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