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Mads Nissen and Patrick Brown at DMJX

Today, the Danish World Press Winner Mads Nissen gave a welcoming lecture for all our photojournalist students.


Mads Nissen preparing for his lecture in the auditorium at DMJX.

Picture by Søren Pagter.


Mads Nissen showed his prize winning story "Homofobia in Russia" and talked about his way into photojournalism and how important the trust of our media is.


He also shared his way of research and editing process with the students.


Mads Nissen is a former DMJX-student and graduated ten years ago with his BA-project "Amazonas" - a project, which he continued after his graduation and, which came out as a book by the same name two years ago.


Patrick Brown speaking at DMJX today. Picture by Søren Pagter.


Mads Nissen's colleague from Panos Agency, Patrick Brown had followed Mads to the lecture at the school. As an extra bonus for the students, Patrick Brown also gave a short lecture about his prize winning project "Trading to Extinction".


Patrick Brown is an Australian photographer, based in Bangkok.

Marcel Maffei wins Canon Profifoto Förderpreis

Photo2 student Marcel Maffei has just been announced as one of the winners of the German Canon Profifoto Förderpreis, which is given to young talented German photographers.


Picture from Marcel Maffei's winning story from "Ponichala" - a Georgian ghetto for blind people.


Marcel Maffei wins with his story about a post Soviet ghetto for blind people - situated in Tbilisi in Georgia.


Marcel Maffei started studying at Photo2 this August as an exchange student from FH Dortmund. The project is made during his study in Dortmund.

Pieter ten Hoopen at DMJX

This week the Dutch/Swedish photographer Pieter ten Hoopen is teaching our final year students at DMJX.


Pieter ten Hoopen portrayed in front of one of his pictures from the book "Hungry Horse". Picture by Søren Pagter.


Today, as a part of his visit Pieter has been lecturing all our students about his book and film "Hungry Horse" - a selection of stories from the town Hungry Horse, Montana, USA. The 45 minutes film is nominated for an Emmy.

Kasper Løftgaard in TV Midtest

Kasper Løftgaard, who graduated this June, was guest of the week in TV Midt/Vest, yesterday.


Click the image to watch the full interview with Kasper Løftgaard.


In the interview, Kasper Løftgaard talks about his final BA-project: "Otte sekunder for resten af livet" - a story about Shawn Hogg and Hawkins Boyce, friend and traditional American cowboys.


Kasper Løftgaard won the Scanpix prize for his story.

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"Closets full of dreams" in Arabic

Roger Anis' final diploma project "Closets full of dreams" has been published in the Egyptian Shorouk newspaper. The Shorouk newspaper is one of the few independent newspapers in Egypt and Roger is working there as a photojournalist since 5 years. 



Roger Anis, who is back at work in Cairo after one year study at DMJX, writes: "I'm very happy the story is now published in Arabic so that people can read the women's stories and not only see the pictures".



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DMJX-students at Slide Luck in Rome

On the 4th of September the Slide Luck show is held in Rome. The show is an evening of photography projections and food.


Four DMJX-stidents will present their work at the screening:


- Barbara Leolini will show her final diploma project "Echoes".


- Emanuele Camerini will show his final diploma project "The Twelfth Night".


- Romina Vinci and Ella Kiviniemi will show their short documentary "Evidence" made during Photo1.



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With coffee and love

The first intense week of the fall semester has come to an end. Some students have already done their first stories, others have discussed visual strategies and C41TLYN, our developing machine, has been busy.


Monday, even more students will begin their classes with us. Speaking of classes. In the class room one day I found this decoration made of coffee:



With coffee and love it's going to be another great semester at DMJX. Design by Tor Brik Trads. Picture by Søren Pagter.

Cathrine Ertmann's "About Dying" is published all over the world

Back in the spring 2012, Cathrine Ertmann did her project called "About Dying" at DMJX.


This Monday CNN Photos published the project together with an interview with Cathrine.


A spread from the Chinese Lens magazine, which has published Cathrine Ertmann's project "About Dying".


In the past years Cathrine's project has also been published in magazines and on websites all over the world - for instance in the Chinese Lens Magazine, in the German Focus Magazine, on the Greek publication Lifo and many other places.


You can visit Cathrine's tumblr to see more news about the "About Dying" project and other works by her.

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C41TLYN is ready to meet the students

Tomorrow, most of our students will be back at school and both we and our C41-machine, C41TLYN, are looking forward to life and activity at the school again.


C41TLYN has had her half year service and is ready to meet the students and their requirements. Her new service is that she's now able to push develop your films.


Please notice C41TLYN's new look - a knob to reduce the speed of her motor and thereby increase the developing time.

Roger Anis on Time LightBox

Time LightBox has published Roger Anis' final diploma project "Closets Full of Dreams".



The project portrays different Egyptian women and their dreams of living more freely and without the problems of sexual herassment.


The LightBox piece also includes an interview with Roger Anis - made by another former DMJX-student, Jen Tse.

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