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Laetitia Vancon shares prize with the family in her winning story

Laetitia Vancon has won the Blumm Prize for her story "My home, My Prison" about the Albanian Vukaj family, who suffers from a blood feud with another Albanian family.


The Vukaj family, who has now escaped to Belgium, was present at the award ceremony. Laetitia Vancon has decided to give one third of the prize of 3,000€ to help the family to start a new life in Belgium.


Three members of the Vukaj family at the Blumm Prize award ceremony in Brussels. Picture by Laetitia Vancon.


Laetitia Vancon did the story as her final diploma project in the spring 2014.


Laetitia Vancon is also among the 24 photographers selected for the 2015 edition of the Boutographies.

Danish web doc screened in Ukraine

The web documentary "Adam and Eve could easily have been black" made by Sara Gangsted and Mathias Løvgreen Bojesen will be screened at the Ukranian Wiz-Art festival tonight.


Screendump from the web documentary. Click the image to see the full story.


Sara and Mathias did the story at their third term web documentary workshop in the fall 2014.

Dennis Lehmann wins the Scanpix Prize

Every semester at the demission ceremony the picture agency Scanpix hands out a prize for the best photojournalistic BA project


The demission ceremony for the students graduating this fall was held today and here Dennis Lehmann received the Scanpix Prize for his project "Upernavik and Other Stories" - the project can be seen by clicking the link below.


Dennis Lehmann raises to receive his prize at today's demission ceremony. Picture by Kasper Løftgaard.


Søren Pagter hands out the Scanpix Prize to Dennis Lehmann, while some of his pictures are shown on the screen. Picture by Kasper Løftgaard.


The following students have graduated in this fall semester:


Camilla Rønde

Cæciliie Philipa Vibe Pedersen

Melissa Ørnstrup

Sisse Dupont

Jesper Mortensen

Mikkel Berg

Jeppe Bjørn Vejlø

Dennis Lehmann

Søren Staal Tyrsted

Gorm Branderup

Asger Ladefoged

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Diana Markosian at DMJX

This week photographer Diana Markosian is teaching our final year students in personal story telling.


As a part of her visit, Diana Markosian held a lecture for all our photojournalist students telling about how her career started - comming from a writing background and jumping into photojournalism and personal story telling.


Picture from Diana Markosian's first long term project about women in Chechnya. Photo: Diana Markosian.

Emanuele Camerini's The Twelfth Night on L'Oeil de la Photographie


The photographic website L'Oeil de la Photographie is featuring Emanuele Camerini's diploma project from the fall of 2014. The project called The Twelfth Night is about the legend of the Seal Woman in the Faroe Islands. See it here or on the link below.

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Analog prints came by analog mail

A few days ago we received a letter sent to us by in the traditional way by the Royal Danish Mail.


The letter contained two b/w prints - real handmade prints of two of our former groups of students - shot by one of the students, Terje Abusdal, on his large format camera.


Now the pictures are hanging in our offices - so we can remember you.


Photo 1 fall 2013 - Kayla, Kishor, Lani, Lilli, Evgeny, Cristina, Emine, Megan, Lizz and Terje.


Photo 2 and Danish 8th term, spring 2014.

Lilli, Magnus, Sisse, Dennis, Mie, Andreas, Kayla, Malte, Laetitia, Søren, Kent, Evgeny, Cristina, Kishor, Megan and Melissa.

In the front: Torkil, Lars and Terje.

New web documentaries online

Just before Christmas our Danish third term students finished their web documentary workshop arranged by Poul Madsen and Henrik Kastenskov from Bombay Flying Club.


Danish third term students group picture by Søren Pagter.


The nine Danish students all worked with the theme "family" and in pairs they made four different stories, which are now available online.


It's a talented group of students, who're starting their internship next month - Seven out of the nine of them are nominated for the Danish Picture of the Year.


On the 6th of March, it'll be announced for what they're nominated and whether they'll win one or more first prizes.


Untill then, you can click on the links below to watch their stories.


Adam and Eve could easily have been black

by Mathias Loevgreen Bojesen and Sara Gangsted


Congratulations, it’s a…..

by Mathias Svold and Petra Theibel Jacobsen


The Ego-stripper

by  Anders Rye Skjoldjensen and Katrine Marie Kragh


A Normal Family

by Mie Hee, Philip Davali and Ulrik Hasemann

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Søren Pagter lecturing in Iceland

In the past weekend Søren Pagter has been visiting Iceland to give a lecture and to work as the head judge at the judging of the Icelandic Picture of the Year.


Søren Pagter lecturing at Nyherji in Reykjavik, Iceland. Picture by Oskar Pall Elfarsson.


Friday the 16th, Søren Pagter gave a lecture at company Nyherji for more than 100 Icelandic photographers and journalists.


During the weekend Søren Pagter worked with two different jurys to select the winners and participants at the Icelandic Picture of the Year. The jury selected 115 pictures for the final exhibition - out of more than 900 candidates. 


The pictures were participating in seven different categories: news, daily life, sports, series, environment, magazine and portraits. There will be one winner in each category.


The winners will be announced at the opening of the exhibition on the 28th of February.

Arko Datto's S.A.D. published on Slate

The photo blog Slate has published Arko Datto's project S.A.D. about how to cope with seasonal depression when living in dark areas, like Denmark in the winther time.


“My winter depressions started when I was 17. At first, I did not know what it was, but as the years passed by, I became nervous when November approached. Today I am 40 and use light therapy for at least half an hour every day.” - Thomas Steen. Picture by Arko Datto.

Arko Datto did the project as his final diploma project at DMJX in the fall 2013.

Nominees for the Danish Picture of the Year

Earlier this evening the nominees for the Danish Picture of the Year were revealed, and again this year we are proud to have a lot of students among them.

To be precise we have 12 students among the 36 nominees. From the 4th semester alone there are 7 nominees! Congratulations to the nominated students, who are


Anders Rye Skjoldjensen

Asger Ladefoged

Daniel Hjorth

Janus Engel Rasmussen

Kasper Palsnov

Katrine Marie Kragh

Mathias Svold

Mie Hee

Petra Theibel Jacobsen

Philip Davali

Sofia Busk

Ulrik Hasemann


See the full list here.

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