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Snow in Aarhus - News in Egypt

International Photo1 student Lobna Tarek from Egypt experienced snow for the first time this weekend in Aarhus.


As any good photojournalist Lobna went out to document her first encounter with the Danish winther.


Now, one of Lobna's pictures has been published in her Egyptian newpaper, El Shorouk.



The text for Lobna's picture is:


Snow in Denmark: between kids' happiness and adults' wonder


People in Aarhus woke up and found their city covered with the snow, which reached a height of about 20 cm and the temperature was zero Celsius. Kids went out to celebrate and build the famous snow men while adults wondered why the snow was falling in this time of the year.

DMJX projects around the world

News from Denmark, Germany, India and Holland about different DMJX-projects:


Ditte Lysgaard Holm has won the audience’s prize at the festival Aarhus Independent Pixels with her film ”Celebration”. Ditte did the film during her exchange study at Western Kentucky University. Ditte graduated her BA at DMJX this fall.


Fabian Weiss has had his project ”Conceptions of Love” published in the German NEON magazine. Fabian did the project in the fall 2011 as his final diploma project during Photo2.


 Spread from NEON Magazine showing Fabian Weiss' story about love in China.


Kishor Sharma has had his project ”Living in the Mist” published over 15 pages in the Indian Caravan Magazine. Kishor did the project during a DMJX master class in Nepal in 2012 and during his final diploma project in the spring 2014.


The 15 pages from the Indian Caravan magazine showing Kishor Sharma's story "Living in the Mist".


"Living in the Mist" was also exhibited at the recent Photo Kathmandu festival, from where Kishor had two of his exhibited portraits stolen.


Evgeny Makarov has just finished the Joop Swart Master Class in Amsterdam, Holland. Evgeny was selected for the master class based on his final diploma project ”Narko, Stop”, which he made in the spring 2014.


All the masterclass project have been published in an online publication called "Next #05". Evgeny did the story "A Dacha State of Mind" for the master class.

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Søren Pagter in international media

While visiting the photo festivals in Delhi and Kathmandu Søren Pagter was interviewed for different international media, for instance the Indian TV-channel NDTV and Aljazeera.


Søren Agter ;) in the national Indian TV-channel NDTV talking about Roger Anis' project.


In NDTV the TV spot tells about Roger Anis' project "Closets Full of Dreams", which Søren Pagter is also interviewed about. The TV spot also shows some other DMJX-projects. You can see the TV spot from Delhi Photo Festival here.


The short article about PhotoKathmandu from Aljazeera can be read here.

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Stuart Franklin at DMJX

Yesterday, Magnum photogrpaher Stuart Franklin was visiting DMJX. 


Stuart Franklin is teaching photojournalism at Volda University College in Norway and was visiting DMJX in order to learn about our photojournalism programmes and teaching methods.


While in Aarhus Stuart Franklin also gave a retrospective lecture for our students about his work as a photojournalist.


In April 2016 Stuart Franklin will launch a text book about photography called "The Documentary Impulse". 

CPOY: Gold, Silver and Silver in multimedia

The judging of the Multimedia Division at CPOY has begun and what a start:


Petra Theibel and Mathias Svold has won Gold in the category Small Team Multimedia for their story "Congratulations, it's a....."


Screen shot from the winnign film "Congratulations, it's a...." by heibel and Mathias Svold.


Ella Kiviniemi and Romina Vinci has won Silver in the same category for their story "Evidence".


Screen shot from the winning film "Evidence" by Ella Kiviniemi and Romina Vinci.


Simon Fals has won Silver in the category Individual Multimedia Story for his project about fishermen learning how to swim in Lake Victoria in Uganda. The film is not online, yet.


Screen shot from Simon Fals' winning film from Uganda.

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Photo1 students met their web documentary deadline

Our nine international photo1 students have been working very hard the past three weeks in order to finish their web documentary stories.


Lobna Tarek (Egypt) and Sergii Polezhaka (Ukraine) working on their web documentary. Picture by Poul Madsen.


Transcript of the interview from the story "Love thy Neighbor". Picture by Poul Madsen.


Friday, after a very long night’s work, the students all handed in their stories in time.


We can therefore launch four new web documentaries:


Everything for the Family by Emily Macinnes (Scotland) & Riina Rinne (Finland) 


New Home by Gino Kleisen (Holland) and Alaa Elkamhawi (Egypt)


Uncertainty by Sergii Polezhaka (Ukraine) & Lobna Tarek (Egypt)


Love thy Neighbor by Nicole Boliaux (USA), Sofija Korf (Lithuania) and Sonja Palade (Germany)


All stories focus on the current refugee situation in Europe.


The workshop was conducted by Poul Madsen and Henrik Kastenskov from Bombay Flying Club.


A selection of picture from the last night before deadline - photographed by Emily Macinnes.






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Claudia Gori's stories been published

Claudia Gori has had two of her DMJX-projects published in the past week.


Claudia's final photo story form Photo1 "My name is Camilla and I love my life" has been published in the Italien Grazia Magazine. Claudia did the story in the fall 2014.




The spreads from Grazia Magazine showing Claudia Gori's story.


The sotry about Camilla is also published in Narratively - an online platform, which is devoted to untold human stories.


Picture from Claudia Gori's Visual Project "The Beautiful War".


Claudia has also had her project "The Beautiful War" published in GUP magazine together with an interview with Claudia. Claudia did the project as her Visual Project during Photo2 in the spring 2015.

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CPOY: Michael Drost-Hansen wins Gold in Documentary

The judging of the still picture division of this year's CPOY is heading for the end. Only a few of the very big categories are left to be judged. During the night (Danish time) the important Documentary category was judged and the result was a DMJX-winner:


Picture from Michael Drost-Hansen's story "Rohingya".


Michael Drost-Hansen won Gold in the Documentary catregory for his story about the Rohingya muslims in Burma. More than 140,000 people are internal refugees in their own country due to discrimination by radical Buddhists.


Michael Drost-Hansen did the story as his Visual Proejct during 8th term in the spring 2015.


Picture from Jen Tse story "Love Your Father".


Jen Tse won an Award of Excellence also in the Documentary category for her final Diploma project about the people's love and respect for their king in Thailand.

CPOY: more winners

More DMJX-students have been announced as winners at the CPOY website:


Henrik Olesen, the head of Unisecure who are installing DNA-sprays. Picture by Lasse Kofod.

Lasse Kofod won Silver in the Illustration Category for this illustrative portait of Henrik Olesen, who're installing DNA-sprays.


Picture from the series "Take a Dive" by Sophia Lydolph.


Sophia Lydolph won Award of Excellence in the category Interpretive Project for her series of people diving.


Picture from Anders Rye Skjoldjensen's project "Genocide Nation".


Anders Rye Skjoldjensen won Award of Excellence in the category Interpretive Project for his project about the dark African night.


Picture from Emanuele Camerini's story "The Twelfth Night".


Emanuele Camerini won Award of Excellence in the Interpretive Project Category for his final Diploma Project "The Twelfth Night". 


Finally, Sergiy Polezhaka won an Award of Excellence in the Generel News Category. Sergiy is currently attending our Photo1 programme, but did the winning picture before he started at DMJX. 

CPOY: several DMJX winners on day two and three

The judging at the 70th CPOY continues and day two and three revealed more DMJX-winners:


From the story "For Kenth" by Brittany Greeson.


Brittany Greeson won silver in International Picture Story for her story about Kenth Ebbeson, a mentally handicapped man, who lives at the institution Sølun. Brittany did the story as her final Photo Story during Photo1 in the fall 2014.


From the story "Gahdimai festival" by Gorm Branderup.

Gorm Branderup won bronze also in International Picture Story for his story about the 5th annual festival for the godess Gadhimai in Nepal. Gorm did the story as his final BA-project in the fall 2014.


From the story "Nairobi Kijana" by Emil Hougaard.

Emil Hougaard won an Award of Excellence also in International Picture Story for his story about Samual Ngune - a 23 youngster, who lives with his friends outside Nairobi. Emil did the story during his reportage workshop on third semester in the spring 2015. 


Lasse Kofod won his second Award of Excellence in the Generel News category with a picture from the Santa Claus Congress in Copenhagen.


Emanuele Camerini won an Award of Excellence in the Interpretive Eye category with a picture from his story "The Twelfth Night".


Mathias Bojesen also won an Award of Excellence in the Interpretive Eye category for a picture from the Roskilde Festival.

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