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Camille Lepage book funds new award

Photojournalist Camille Lepage was tragically killed on the 13th of May this year while reporting from the Central African Republic in May this year.


At this year's Visa pour l'Image her agencies, Polaris and Hans Lucas released a book with some of the pictures, Camille made while covering the conflict in CAR.



The book can be bought for only 10 EUR and the money are used to fund a new award in the name of Camille Lepage. The award will be handed out at next year's Visa pour l'Image.


You can support this new award by ordering the book at this website.



Camille Lepage studied journalism at DMJX back in 2011 - and she had just been accepted for our international photo2 programme, when she tragically died in May. Here's the post, I wrote back then.


Two "old" DMJX projects published again

Lærke Posselt is going to exhibit her project Beautiful Child at the Festival della Fotografia Etica in Lodi, Italy. Lærke did the story at her 7th semester project in 2011. Lærke Posselt graduated in 2013.


From the project Beautiful Child by Lærke Posselt.

Mette Frandsens project Sin City is published on a Hungarian website. Mette graduated her BA in 2011 with this story from Las Vegas. She won the Scanpix award for the best photojournalistic BA-project. Mette has continued her work on the story after her graduation.


From the project Sin City by Mette Frandsen.


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Polaroid group picture

A few weeks ago, Emanuele Camerini was testing his newly bought used Polaroid camera and Impossible Project film before starting his Visual Project.


He made this group picture at an Indian restaurant, where the Danish 8th term students and the photo2 students had a welcome dinner together with Kent Klich and Søren Pagter.



Photo by Emanuele Camerini.

DMJX students at Visa pour l'Image

The annual Visa pour L'image ended today and two international DMJX-students and their projects were a part of the festival.


From the story "My Home, My Prison". Picture by Laetitia Vancon.


Laetitia Vancon was selected as a "Coup de Coeur" at Visa pour l'image by Association Nationale des Iconographes. Laetitia was selected due to her story "My Home, My prison", which she made as her final diploma project at DMJX this spring. The story is about a family which is trapped inside their own home due to a blood fight.



From the story "One in Eight Hundred". Picture by Mario Wezel.


Mario Wezel was exhibiting in the Off Festival, which is a part of the non official exhibtions in Perpigan during the Visa Pour l'Image. Mario exhibited his project "One in Eight Hundred" about Emmy, who suffers from Down's Syndrome and her family.

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Felix von der Osten shortlisted for Nordic Book Dummy Award

International student Felix Von der Osten is shortlisted in the Nordic Book Dummy Awards with his project "Every Three Seconds" about the pig industry in Denmark. Felix did the story as his final photo story when he graduated our photo1 programme this spring.


Front cover of the book Every Three Seconds by Felix von der Osten.


The Nordic Book Dummy Award is a part of "Fotobokfestivalen", which is running right now in Oslo, Norway.


Ten books are shortlisted for the prize and the winner will have the work published by Kehrer. The winner will be announced on Thursday the 11th of September.


One spread from the book - please note the small pink pigs, which contain the page numbers.


Felix von der Osten currently exhibits his work at Fotogalleriet in Oslo. Felix is studying at our international photo2 programme this autumn.


20,000 small pink pigs - another spread from the book by Felix von der Osten.


Picture and layout by Felix von der Osten.


Former international student Terje Abusdal is shortlisted as well - with his project "Radius 500 Meters". A project he did after his graduation.

Kishor Sharma won with "Living in the Mist"

Kishor Sharma has been awarded in the 14th General Photography Festival “Photo City Sagamihara”.


Kishor has won the Grand Prix Asian prize, which includes 200,000 Yen, a trophy and certificates the winning professional photographer from Asia to exhibit his/her work of documentary photos.


Kishor will receive the prize in Japan on the 11th of October.


Picture from the story "Living in the Mist" by Kishor Sharma.


Kishor won with his story "Living in the Mist - the last Nomads of Nepal" about a remote tribe called the Rautes. Kishor began the story as a project during a DMJX workshop in Kathmandu in 2011.


For the past two semesters Kishor has studied at our international programmes here in Denmark. Kishor continued his work about the Rautes as his final diploma project this spring. He graduated in June 2014.


The series of 20 photographs will be exhibited in Sagamihara Civic Gallery Exhibition Room in Sagamihara, Japan from 10 to 27 October 2014.

Mads Greve at Visa pour l'Image

This week, staff teacher Mads Greve is participating in the annual photo festival Visa pour l'Image in Perpignan, France.


Mads Greve is in Perpignan to conduct a workshop for a group of Danish photographers and to establish future contacts for DMJX.


Mads Greve's "selfie" from Perpignan - where he breaks two of his own main rules: don't photograph signs and don't photograph text.


The group of Danish photographers meet with a selection of the exhibiting photographers at the Visa pour l'Image - among them Yunghi Kim from US. Picture by Mads Greve.

Casper Balslev gave welcoming lecture

Yesterday afternoon, photojournalist Casper Balslev gave this semester's welcoming lecture to all our students.


Casper Balslev talking about his Hollywood project in the TV-auditorium, yesterday.


Around 50 students from all photo semesters gathered yesterday in the TV-auditorium to greet each other and to listen to this semester's opening lecture by Casper Balslev.


Casper Balslev graduated seven years ago with a project about Hollywood. Already during his study at DMJX, Casper Balslev worked with video and experimented with making music videos.


After his graduation, Casper Balslev started freelancing doing both stills and videos. Now, he's more and more working with video and he makes mainly commercial and music videos.


During the inspiring lecture Casper took us through his many different approaches, told how he got his inspiration and showed how he pitched his ideas for customers.



DMJX participates in the Global Family Project

The photojournalist students at DMJX have been invited to participate in a global project arranged and sponsored by Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School and The Alexia Foundation.

More than 40 photojournalistic schools from all over the world participate in the projects, which pourpose it is to make a powerful statement about life on the planet, in the context of family life today, not unlike The Family of Man did 60 years ago.
The students at the different schools produce a body of work about family - the enterpretation of the theme is broad. The goal is to engage the subject and connect schools around the world, not dictate how or what kind of work is produced. Documentary, portraiture, still or motion pieces are all welcome.
At DMJX we've decided that both web-documentary classes will work within this topic. This means that 8 Danish third term students and ten international Photo1 students will participate in the project together with Poul Madsen and Henrik Kastenskov from Bombay Flying Club, who will conduct these workshops.

But it is also possible for other photojournalistic students from DMJX to participate. If you're working on any story within the family topic, you can submit your work to your teachers, who consider sharing it for the Global Family Project.
All work for the project must be produced between August and early December of 2013.

The Newhouse School/Alexia Foundation Global Family project co-operates with Photoshelter for uploading images and  
Photo District News (PDNonline) for publishing the work.

The particpating photographers keep their copyright on all work.
Sexting project at the Finnish Museum of Photography

Back in 2010, photojournalism student Sisse Stroyer started a project called Sexting during her 8th semester at DMJX. Tonight, she's opening an exhibiting of the project at the Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki.


Picture form the Sexting project.


Picture form the Sexting project.

Sexting is a project, where Sisse Stroyer collects sexual images sent by mobile phones from one person to another. Sisse Stroyer started the Sextng project as her visual project during a workshop with Kent Klich and Søren Pagter. At that time Sisse made a short book, which included a selection of the first collected images.


The cover of the original Sexting book from 2010.


Spread from Sisse Stroyer's Sexting project as it was made at DMJX in 2010.


After finishing the first edition of the Sexting project, Sisse Stroyer took a leave from the school to be able to collect more images and finish the project. She went to the Photo Festival in Arles to present her project - and the final result was, that she was selected to exhibit at the Finnish Museum of Photography.


So, tonight Sisse is opening her exhibition which is a part of a larger exhibition with the title: #Snapshot.


Sisse Stroyer at her exhibition in Helsinki.


The Sexting exhibition at the Finnish Museum of Photography.


Sisse Stroyer is also interviewed about the project at Politiken TV and the project is presented on their website.


Sisse Stroyer graduated her BA from DMJX in 2011 and is now freelancing in Copenhagen.


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