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2nd semester at ARoS


Today our 2nd semester visited ARoS Museum of Art in Aarhus with guest teacher Julie Bilgrau, who took this photo of the class at a 3D installation.

Open School in Copenhagen

Yesterday, the DMJX school in Copenhagen opened the doors for people interested in studying at one of the nine BA educations at DMJX. 


Kasper Palsnov, Camilla Rønde, Søren Pagter and Sophia Lydolph Ready for the open school in Copenhagen.


Søren Pagter and three students of photojournalism told about the photojournalism programme.


This coming Thursday the 26th of February we do the same in Aarhus: Open the school for everybody interested in studying at DMJX. Here's our third term students, Mads Greve and Søren Pagter will be present.

Emanuele Camerini wins Canon Profifoto Prize

Emanuele Camerini is among the winners of Canon Profifoto Prize with his story "The Twelfth Night", which tells about the myth about the seal woman on the Faroe Islands.


Picture from the story "The Twelfth Night" by Emanuele Camerini.


Emanuele did the story as his final diploma project in the fall 2014.

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Mads Nissen wins World Press Photo 2014

Normally, we only post news about DMJX students, DMJX projects and life at the school, but some news are simply so big that we need to post them on our website.


Danish photographer Mads Nissen has today won World Press Photo of the year 2014 with the picture of Jon and Alex - a homosexual couple living in St. Petersborg, Russia. The picture is a part of Mads Nissen's story about the living conditions for LGBT people in Russia.


Mads Nissen's picture winning the World Press Photo of 2014.


Mads Nissen started the project about LGBT people when he was working as mentor at a Russian master class workshop arranged by the Nordic Journalist Centre and DMJX.


Mads Nissen is a part of the group of censors at DMJX - in fact he was the censor at the exam for our first year students this January. Mads Nissen is also occasionally working as a guest lecturer at DMJX.

Claudia Gori's story published at Muskelsvindfonden

Claudia Gori's story "My name is Camilla and I love my life" is published in Muskelsvindfonden's magazine and on their website.


A spread from the book as Claudia Gori made it at DMJX.


The story is about Camilla Kjeldsen Nielsen, who suffers muscular dystrophy and is the mother of three kids. 


Claudia Gori did the story as her final Photo Story in the fall 2014.

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Two DMJX-projects selected for the "30 under 30" competition

This week the selected stories for the "30 under 30" competition were announced - and two out of the 30 winning projects have been made at DMJX:


From the project "Across the River" by Jasper Bastian.


Jasper Bastian was selected for his diploma project "Across the River" about the divided town of Mitrovica, Kosovo. Jasper Bastian graduated in the fall 2013.


From the project "One in Eight Hundred" by Mario Wezel.


Mario Wezel was selected for his diploma project "One in Eight Hundred" about Emmy, who lives with Downs Syndrome. Mario Wezel graduated in the spring 2013.


The "30 under 30" competition is arranged by The Photograhy Show and Magnum Photos in co-operation with the webiste IdeasTap.


The 30 winning projects will be exhibited at The Photography Show in Birmingham from the 21st till the 24th of March. Here the photographers will also receive exclusive port folio reviews and be a part of three People's Choice Awards.


Young photographers, who are between 18 and 30 years old and who're a member of IdeasTap, have been able to participate in the competition.

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Marcus Trappaud Bjørn wins at POYi

Right now the 72nd POYi competition is being judged at Missouri University in Columbia, Missouri, USA.


Yesterday, the winners of the portrait category were announced and final year student Marcus Trappaud Bjørn won silver in portrait series with his portraits from the Staten Island Ferry.


Portrait from "The Staten Island Ferry" series by Marcus Trappaud Bjørn.


The POYi judging is public and you can follow it online at their website.


Marcus Trappaud Bjørn made the series while he was an exchange student at ICP in New York.


Marcus also won gold at the CPOY with the same series.

DMJX Close to Nature


During class earlier this week we had unexpected visitors. Tobias Nicolai Kvist Larsen grabbed a camera and documented the visit.

Anders Birch giving welcome lecture

Seven years ago Anders Birch graduated his BA at DMJX with his story "Hometown" about Midland, Texas - the hometown of former US president George W. Bush.


Today, Anders Birch was back at DMJX to give the welcome lecture for all our photojournalist students. 


At the lecture Anders Birch took the students through his development from a still photographer to a documentary filmmaker.

He talked about the differences and similarities between the two media and showed a lot of examples of his documentaries - for example his most popular film, "Denmark on the Prairie" originally made for and screened on Danish DR2.


Among other things Anders Birch also showed the self portrait movie, which he made as a part of his application for the New School in New York, where he has studied film documentary.


Anders Birch talking to some students after his lecture today at DMJX.

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Laetitia Vancon shares prize with the family in her winning story

Laetitia Vancon has won the Blumm Prize for her story "My home, My Prison" about the Albanian Vukaj family, who suffers from a blood feud with another Albanian family.


The Vukaj family, who has now escaped to Belgium, was present at the award ceremony. Laetitia Vancon has decided to give one third of the prize of 3,000€ to help the family to start a new life in Belgium.


Three members of the Vukaj family at the Blumm Prize award ceremony in Brussels. Picture by Laetitia Vancon.


Laetitia Vancon did the story as her final diploma project in the spring 2014.


Laetitia Vancon is also among the 24 photographers selected for the 2015 edition of the Boutographies.

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