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Friday the 19th we held the traditional project screening, where students from all semesters gather to share the work they've done during their final workshops.


A great day where a lot of great stories and inspiring work was shown.


As it has also become a tradition this final day is also the day for group pictures. 


And since we now have a drone in the department we made a group video of all the students, which unfortunately resulted in a epic drone crash.


Click the video to watch. Drone flown and crashed by Mathias Bojesen, who also edited the film.



Other group pictures of the day:


Danish third term students ready for internship. Picture by Søren Pagter.


International photo1 students saying goodbye to each other. Seven out of the ten students will continue on photo2. Picture by Søren Pagter.




The flaming Danish 8th term and international photo2 students with their teachers. Picture by Sisse Dupont.

Kasper Palsnov's picture among Times' top 100 pictures of 2014

A picture by Kasper Palnsov has been selected by TImes Magazine as one of the top 100 pictures of the year 2014.


People look at the carcass of the giraffe Marius after it was killed in Copenhagen Zoo. Picture by Kasper Palsnov.


Kasper Palsnov did the picture while doing his internship at Berlingske.

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DMJX projects shown at Photographic Museum

The website Photographic Museum of Humanity is this month focussing on Danish photojournalism by showing five selected stories made by Danish photographers.


Among the selected photographers are two DMJX projects:


Beautiful Child by Lærke Posselt and Unspoken Legacy by Lars Just.


Picture from the story Unspoken Leagcy by Lars Just.


Lærke Posselt did her story during her 7th semester in 2012.


Lars Just did his story as his final BA-project in the spring 2014. The full story can be seen at the school's official website.


Sofie Amalie Klougart is also among the selected photographers with her story Romance Tourism - A story, which she did during her internship at Information.


The other two photographers presented at the online exhibition are Mads Nissen and Jacob Aue Sobol.


Søren Pagter has been one of the curators of the exhibition and has been interviewed for the website.

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Søren Pagter head judge at Iceland POY

Søren Pagter, head of the department of photojournalism, has been announced the head judge of the Icelandic Picture of the Year 2014.


The Icelandic Press Photographers Association arranges the competition, which is divided into two groups: one for portrait, magazine, landscape and daily life + one for news, sports and series.


Each group has three jury members plus the head judge, who will work in both groups.


Søren Pagter will go to Iceland mid January to work with the jurys. At the same time he'll do a lecture for Icelandic press photographers.


The exhibition showing the best pictures made by Icelandic press photographers will open on the 28th of february.

Evgeny Makarov in Dummy Magazin

Evgeny Makarov's story about young Russian right wing vigilantes in Moscow is published in the recent edition of the German Dummy Magazin.




Evgeny Makarov did the story in the spring 2014 as his final Diploma Project.

Long night leading to deadline

This morning, our final year students have handed in their final BA and Diploma projects.


As always the students have been working hard all the way up to deadline and especially the last night has been tough with very little or no sleep.


Thursday morning at 8.30 Emanuele and Giulia are sleeping on the office chairs in the computer room. Picture by Søren Pagter. 


Romana and Rebecka are tired, but ready for deadline, while Malte (in the background) prints his report. Picture by Søren Pagter. 


In the following days our photo1 students and our Danish second and third term students will also have their final deadlines of this term. 


And on Friday the 19th of December we'll have a screening day, where all students gather to watch each other's projects made during their final workshops.

Asger Ladefoged's BA project in Berlingske

Asger Ladefoged graduated his BA in the spring 2014 with a story about young Syrian refugees in Lebanon.


Asger's story has been published in Berlingske - this Sunday it was published in the printed version of the newspaper and now it can be seen online at www.b.dk.


Spread from Sunday's edition of Berlingske. Story by Asger Ladefoged and Karoline Rahbek Juncker.


Asger Ladefoged did his final BA together with journalist Karoline Rahbek Juncker.


After his graduation Asger Ladefoged started working as a staff photographer at Berlingske.

Five new web documentaries

Our international photo1 students have just finished five web documentaries at their workshop with Poul Madsen and Henrik Kastenskov from Bombay Flying Club.



The very sleepy photo1 students after a very long night's work - together with the more awake teachers.

Picture by Søren Pagter.


The five stories are presented in a parallax format designed for all media. The stories include not only the video documentaries but also still images, texts and sometimes drawings and additional sound - all combined on a Wordpress platform.



The five stories are:


My Lost Little Mother by Katharina Bauer and Mohammadreza Soltani.


Sons of Ishockey by Brittany Greeson and Gabriel Ellison-Scowcroft.


Together Alone by Claudia Gori and Roger Soltani.


Blood Matters by Barbara Leolini and Sari Kettunen.


Losing Lukas by Nikita Greydin and Fabian Fiechter.




Dennis Lehmann exhibits his BA in Greenland

Yesterday, the photographers Dennis Lehmann and Lasse Mejlvang held a reception of their exhibition Inuit.nu in the culture house Taseralik in Sisimiut, Greenland.


The opening of Inuit.nu in Sisimiut, Greenland.


The exhibition consists of two individual projects from two very different parts of Greenland: the rural Upernavik in the far north and the expanding Sisimiut in the south-west of Greenland.


The Olsvig family having a picnic. A picture by Dennis Lehmann from his BA-project "Upernavik and other stories" now exhibiting in Greenland.


Dennis Lehmann's pictures are from his final BA-project, with which he graduated in October this year. You can see Dennis Lehmann's full project at the bottom of this article.


Lasse Mejlvang is also a 2014 DMJX-graduate - he did his story from Sisimiut after his graduation.


Inuit.nu can be seen from the 27th of November till the 4th of January in Sisimiut. Then it continues to Ilulissat Arts Museum from 24th of January till end February. And the exhibition ends it's tour around Greenland in the capital Nuuk, where it can be seen at the culture house Katuaq from the 12th till the 29th of March. In june the exhibition will be a part of the Copenhagen Photo Festival.


You can visit the website inuit.nu to discover the exhibition online.

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A handful of news from the past weeks

In the past couple of weeks we've been busy at the school - first of all with teaching and secondly with updating the website with the wonderful CPOY news. Therefore we have a handful of very different news from the past weeks to share with you.


Anders, 18 years old. Picture by Andreas Beck.


Andreas Beck's BA project "Drenge" is published in this month's edition of the magazine Ud og Se. The magazine is also available online as e-paper and Andreas Beck's story can be seen at page 46. Andreas Beck graduated in the spring 2014.



From the project "About Dying" by Cathrine Ertmann.


Cathrine Ertmann's 7th semester project "About Dying" from the spring 2012 is published in American online magazine Feature Shoot. Cathrine Ertmann writes on Facebook: "Hurra! About Dying and an interview with me is published at Feature Shoot. It's cool because the American media aren't so keen on publishing pictures like this. A N.Y. Times editor once told me 'I think it's excellent. But honestly, I'm not sure if we can run this'."



Selfportrait by Angelina Nielsen Owino.


Angelina Nielsen Owino is continuing her visual project, which she started at DMJX in the fall 2012. Angelina Nielsen Owino's visual project focussed on her own body and questioned the female beauty ideal. Now, Angelina Nielsen Owino is searching for other women to photograph in order to broaden the project. You can read an article about the project in Lokalavisen.



The Thin Line book by Ilaria di Biagio.


Ilaria di Biagio's book "The Thin Line" has been selected for the French Le Photobook Fest. Ilaria di Biagio made the project and the first edition of her book as her Visual Project at DMJX in the fall 2011.



Thorvald Stoltenberg has written the foreword for the Next Door book, which is now available for sale in Denmark. Picture by Anders Lange.


Finally, the book Next Door is ready for sale in Denmark. Next Door is the result of a DMJX and NJC master class workshop for 12 young, Russian photographers. The workshop was conducted by Mads Nissen and Søren Pagter. The Next Door book is available at the publishing house Ajour's website.

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